Monday, September 17, 2012

The Penguin (Qi'E) Style of Sonnet (Definition and Smaple Included)!!!


 A sonnet (sonetto in Italian, sonetti being the plural)
refers "little song", or "little sound",
or "to sound", "to ring", "to play",
some believes that a sonnet is a newly minted coin of a realm,
or a breakthrough from monotony of patterns,
the sonnet is a poem with 14 lines,
which builds up as a process, a moment
advancing from images to insights,
from inquiry to comprehension...

Here is a sample of a sonnet written by Mike Nelson


For the Lover of the Dark

I was not much more than a boy in those
days, and of all the half-witted thoughts
I had, the one that a woman could mean
everything has come back to haunt me.
She and I went walking and arguing
about her face. Though it was night, the dark
matched her hair, as she brushed her hair
aside, and I clearly saw it. It was
What happened in a planetarium
when the lights faded out and the stars came on,
and were set turning. Way back, way back, fooled
by the illusion so the mystery
could take place, squinting to make the ceiling
vault again. Just try and forget.

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  1. writing sonnet takes some time and talent...

    not that hard though.

  2. love the glittering images and poetic memo.

  3. state --> Zhou, or Sheng
    Code: Mi'Ma
    Lake: Hu
    River: He
    Honey: Mi
    Mother: Ma'Ma or Mom
    Father: Ba'Ba or Dad
    Cloth: Fu'Zhuang
    Tai'Chi: Tai'Ji
    Guitar: Ji'Ta
    Wikipedia: Wi'Ji'Bai'Ke
    Polar: Ji
    Hu'Bei: Ji
    Ji'Lin: Ji
    Cat: Mao
    Good Fortune: Ji'Lee
    Christ: Ji'Du

  4. What a different and wonderful post.