Sunday, January 30, 2011


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Life becomes more exciting
as confidence, diligence, and persistence
add splendor to creative writing.


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Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Write Friday -Childhood/Youth

Free Write Friday Week One-Childhood/youth, Check out other participants here:


My childhood is beautiful,
I recall,
The open space
And the flying geese,
The chirping birds in spring,
And the ladies who harvest cotton from the field and sing…
My grandmother’s breathe taking stories,
My grandfather’s thought provoking riddles,
My father’s sincere and strict words,
My mother’s admirable diligence…
Family traditions
Happy New Year Celebrations,
I have had three best friends ever since 2nd grade,
They have changed their first names to be the same as mine,
We visited one another to watch movies together,
And we have remained close until 8th grade…how divine!
I have cut grasses to make hays,
I have played card games with my peers during summer breaks, sitting up on trees,
I have eaten whole eggs to celebrate my birthdays,
I have danced on stages to showcase arts and music in third grade.
I have ridden bicycles to visit relatives 15 miles long,
I have knitted socks and mittens for fun,
I have listened to pop music and tried to sing along,
I have loved my sisters and feel proud to be the oldest one…
My parents love each other very much,
My mother worked in the field while my father had a profession to teach,
I have never starved,
and I am fully loved,
Glad to watch classical movies and had my childhood fulfilled
and beautifully sealed.