Sunday, April 26, 2015

the wheels go round and round

the wheels go round, round,
Zach Taylor ocean kayak boating sits,
Boomer lake water fun.
Quality water service,
Pool spa, Pool Blench, Swimming suits,
North Washington bridge.
China Gate food, poetry film feed,
Old fashioned movies at,
HuiSheng Xun, Wen Qin, Huang Mei opera.
Ye Chu Lin or Wild Pig woods,
some writers rise at Beijing publisher,
Lao She, Yang Suo, Mao Dun, Lu Yao....
John Bartley has been silent for integrity,
Ross Sethman, Richard Miller operates oral business well,
Stillwater, San Jose, tide yet Lucky Calm Placell.


Friday, April 10, 2015

the shadow outside my window

the night is old,
awaking by a black voice,
she pops her eyes open,
a spiral pull of air
off her chest,
and the glimpse of a phantom shadow,
this clear thought won't faint
and the image of a stalking moon,
the house is quiet,
an adolescent's heartbeats,
making the passengers
swinging, brief like lightning bolts.

 Dark Forest RESIZED by reckinyards

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Higher Education Poem by Franklin P. Adams

(Harvard's prestige in football is a leading factor. The best players in the leading preparatory schools prefer to study at Cambridge, where they can earn fame on the gridiron. They do not
care to be identified with Yale and Princeton.--JOE VILA in the Evening Sun.)

"Father," began the growing youth,
"Your pleading finds me deaf;
Although I know you speak the truth
About the course at Shelf.
But think you that I have no pride,
To follow such a trail?
I cannot be identified
With Princeton or with Yale."

"Father," began another lad,
Emerging from his prep;
"I know you are a Princeton grad,
But the coaches have no pep.
But though the Princeton profs provide
Fine courses to inhale;
I cannot be identified
With Princeton or with Yale."

"I know," he said, "that Learning helps
A lot of growing chaps;
That Yale has William Lyon Phelps,
And Princeton Edward Capps.
But while, within the Football Guide,
The Haughton hosts prevail,
I cannot be identified
With Princeton or with Yale."

hyde park poetry palace special prompt: Tulips and Cabbiages, Nutrition in Action of 2015 (the thiird year) (poets rally week 82) april 1-april 30, 2015