Friday, May 23, 2014

Peace Prayer by Gregory Allen Uhan


Leafy turtle green aviary tapestries
lotus bowing mantis branches
hovering meditative hugs
pherochimerical language
spoken by the wind
cloud melting mental magic

cool cavernous catalpa shade
songs soaking in the sun
high life, taking it easy
catching lightning bugs
chasing fireflies

time running marathon distances
every moment measured in palpitations
old familiar blue, never the same as it was yesterday
one with the world, together in a state of constant change,

life nestles in a womb of love
creation continuously giving birth to itself
beneath the sun moon and stars
breathing bodies and beating hearts
thoughts unwind all is calm in the mind

peace, a piece of which, be all any noble
being ever aspires to obtain
Inner Outer Worldly Universal Mind Body Soul
peace in life, peace in death,

peace in the work of waking hours
peace in sleep, peace at rest,
peace in nature, peace at home

peace on the streets, peace on the farm,
peace between brothers, peace with god,
peace with self, peace with what's beyond control
peace in love, peace in light

Friday, May 9, 2014

Sopenly by Victor Osorio

heard our voice in a memory
Don't know our name, only our face
If I'm going insane, let me visit this place
Being normal is boring
I need to worry and be depressed
It reminds me that I'm human
Hell-kite people will always manifest
In other words, friends will turn and walk
In other words, I will learn to talk
Hearts always change from those u love
But not this Omega boy
Sorry still dont know our name-my love
Sorry that people cant stay the same-
the guy from above
What hurts most is the memories
rather then the 'whats become'
It seems to harm you
Time is very dumb
Time to be alone
Read an empty book
Live in an empty home.