Saturday, June 1, 2019

more peace in our poets week 50, short story slam week 115

peaceful moments will always shine....happy summer vacation to all (feel free to submit here pppweek50) 

Image result for peace and summer glittering  ice cream cone, what a sweet treatment

poetry and story inn fridays week 46, May 30, 2019 -- June 16, 2019 

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Shiliu flower, which is sweet in nature, pure in view
 "Durga Ayabey" Summer time is in the air,
we make a face and make a square,
we buy a ticket
we go everywhere...

short story slam week 115, may 22, --june 9, 2019  

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Shen Dan Kuaile means Merry Christmas, in other words, Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ 
I say, Happy Birthday , Sheng,  may 22, 1993 --2019,  the 26th one is Cheery Furry Cool!

bright red, dark green,
long sleeves, short skirt,
we walk with wind
we talk without minding others

when we travel
we sit in a flying planet
where only a limited space is available
and we become tense, without loosing our temper

 Image result for happy summer vacation    

Image result for happy summer vacation