Tuesday, March 29, 2011

End of March Prompts-Sprite(Pop)

The day is bright,
Clouds sail with cotton white,
Time to play outside,
Thirsty? No need to hide,
Order a can of Sprite,
Watch bubbles pop,
Have a sip,
Sweet feel on your lip,
It's way to cool
Not to share one with YOU!

My Entry 4 March Challenge:

Magic In The Back Yard: Free Write Friday

And Alphabe-Thursday: Y is 4 You

Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Write Friday/Cloak Monk's March Challenge

Under the hot sun,
Germs are supposed to die,
But mosquitoes fly
and make virus multiply.
To stay cool,
Dive in a pool,
To have fun,
Grab a water gun.
To stay fit,
Eat diet and mediate,
To remain clean,
Use zipper bags often.

My entries 4 March 19 Challenge: cleaning
and Free Write Friday: Summer Fun

Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Write Friday/Cloak Monk's March Challenge

Our world is far less than perfect,
citizens have all kinds of conditions,
Think of those who are less fortunate,
Some are childless,
Some are jobless,
Some are homeless...
These people could feel useless,
or breathless,
To change their lives 4 better,
They must be tireless,
It is pointless
to feel shameless,
Being risk-less
is scathe-less,
But also seedless,
They must become selfless,
Take advantage of the wireless
services, find ways to make progress,
They deserve love,
They can become priceless
with some helpful hands,
life is no more lifeless...
pray for the end of horrors


Free Write Friday: The Joy of Being Selfless

March Challenge: horror

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Challenge (Exploration)

Life can shine like morning sun,
With love bonding all souls in one,
Creative minds explore the universe, how divine,
Life can shine like the morning sun,
With embrace, you hurt none.
Drink some tea, have some fun,
Life can shine like morning sun,
Stars wink, peaceful time, yours and mine.


My entry to Cloak Monk’s March Challenge: Exploration

Happy Wednesday..
Have Fun!