Tuesday, February 7, 2017

short story slam week 62, 63, Whoresheep and RobinsonGames

E if for Erin burnett , England, and Einstein Drive

 Image result for england

Image result for erica schmidt   Wu Wenping, or Wendy Yzhaorng

Wordle 285 

 whoresheep and RobinsonGames
all root from fingernails and Bud Lite beers

shredded glasses
eye catching body gestures

when one sings prayers to curved and brown stones
Jennifer and Wendy dance marathon to wounded soldiers

a wavely lady writes her history on Wooden board,
bled thumbs pin love and hop on brown paper doors

black and white colors
Wu Wenping, or Wendy Yzhaorng join Wu Ai E and Fu Biyun,

John Harvard, Henry Bennett, John Evans, John Hancock,
what is the difference in between?

Erin Burnett, Burns Hargis, Morton Schapiro, Skylar Peng,
what is the reason they are up to run?

Lucilie Songum, Paisley Rodhamucrowfawnt, Joy Evelyn Wilson,
what is the drive for you all to remain insane?

 absolutely no love,
but some wonder here

I close my doors
I put down my curtains

i walk outside, looking at Boba Fusion Cafe tofu and seaweed soup,
i eat all of the shrimp fried rice, hot water cups

when Kellie Adams, Carol Powell, and Maggie Ponce paint a male chick,
we increase our faith on behalf of Ivan Dai, Megan Crow, Sam Clancy, and Jing Hong

little plane... 

 Image result for small planeImage result for small plane

short story slam week 62, on story of Mark Surman, Jim Wales, James Waldo, Rachel Roy, and Susan Grossman along with Firefox 

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 Image result for lucille painting landscapes Lucillie painting water color landscape 

Shopping Malls [Friday My Town Shoot Out]

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 Image result for lucille painting landscapes 
Image result for lucille painting landscapes  Art by Lucillie Soongum