Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Special: Holiday Music and New Year's Spirits in Couplets

From determined mind, love rises,
Time together solves crisis.


Tendering my garden, I grin
at the rising Sun, divine time.


Cold winter wind showcases its blue,
Hot coca drink makes our eyes glow.


Pages turn, the space is clean,
Roles change, let’s welcome spring.


As I was lying in my bed,
Cute thoughts keep popping in my head.


Smile, Smile, Smile away worries,
Think, Think, Wisdom springs from it.


The sound of music pleases me a lot,
The return of love makes me see God.


Walking down a dirty road with a deep cut on my knee,
Bloody stuff won’t scare me as I love climbing a tree.


The future is unknown,
Sing today a tune.

PS: I have fun writing these couplets, Happy New Year to All!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 17 (Join Us Today, Please)

Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 17
(A continuation to one of the entries there)


Happy moments between the Cinderella and the prince did not last long,
Because after the birth of their precious child, something went wrong,
One of Cinderella’s half sister called Linda had come along,
She did not make the break through until Bestir answered her phone,
That’s a cold afternoon,
When Cinderella finished feeding her son with a silver spoon,
and sang lullaby all day long
without paying much attention to her husband, and the phone.
Already, Bestir believed that he had lost his princess’s love
to their new born son, who looked cute like a dove,
And he was getting out of patience
As days went by, his lovely wife refused to do sex in silence,
Bestir had been very active ever since he married to his wife,
Now, he had become blind and blamed his son for this sad life;
Thus when Linda called asking how was everything going,
Bestir answered the phone with tears starting pouring,
He did not care                                  
Who was out there,
He was determined to have a love affair,
Thus he agreed to have a date
with Linda, for his own sake…
This was exactly what Linda wanted,
and she got super excited…
They booked a room
and got drunk before they slept together the way between a bride and a groom,
Later, whenever Bestir went mad for getting no attention from his wife,
He would go to Linda to feel good and experience loving life…
Something he did not know
was that Linda was carrying a fetus coming from an evil soul
before she decided to give credit to Bestir, the handsome guy,
After three months intense affair,
Linda told Bestir that he was the father to her unborn child in the affair,
Which had added sadness in the air
Because Bestir felt timid to become a father again,
After all, his feelings for Cinderella was still there,
and he could not hurt his wife, how unfair…
But there was nothing he could do to prevent everything,
In the end, Cinderella became angry
and she took her son and moved away,
Leaving Bestir with his mistress Linda in the house,
with Bestir feeling timid like a mouse…
He was forced to reduce the time he made love to Linda,
and he had to be ready to face another breakout
after the birth of their “Child”,
Also, another step sister Buggy had come to visit often,
She hugged him in the kitchen when Linda was resting,
Within two weeks,
As Linda became large like a ball,
She could not handle sex at all,
Buggy fled with Bestir to her old home,
Together they made love without shame,
Eventually, Linda had her son born,
His look did not resemble Bestir at all,
To make Bestir her own,
Buddy revealed Linda’s secret….
The world had turned upside down,
Bestir felt very miserable after all,
His life became a mess
and he truly regret about what he did…
After careful consideration,
He made an important decision:
His wife Cinderella had to come home,
Linda and her son will stay in a side room,
Buddy must work as a nanny to stay,
He might have sex with all three,
They all must agree
That, Cinbes was crowned the true prince,
Cinderella was crowned formal princess,
Like it or not,
Everyone had to respect him
and appreciate what she got.
Bestir and Cinderella became loving again
after all the wounds and pain,
Cinderella was able to understand her hubby better
and knew that their relationship did truly matter…
She hated her step sisters,
But they were victims as women,
They do deserve love from a good man
and Bestir might be the proper one then,
After everything,
No other option…
Thus she tolerated her sisters and forgave them for their sins
and together, they lived peacefully before
The third generation of the similar story begins.     


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Sail above
the ocean,
Wings dip
the water,
the Moon,
on our boat,
we sit,
counting the stars,
little dreams
our companions
night is ready

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Let Go of My World So That...

Life could be a pain
If we allow ourselves to live in vain,
Realizing that I could NOT,
and may NEVER have everything within reach,
I decide to cherish what I’ve GOT
and try not to be judgmental or to preach;
I let go of my world so that
It rolls down the hill,
It is amazing to be the cat in the hat
and let my instincts take charge of my inner mill,
I refuse to encourage a Wordy War,
Following the road signs and watching out for the icy floor,
My mind waxes and wanes no more,
It’s cool to let unsubscribed wind filtering through my door.

Fathers Are Superb


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Future Is Promising!

When you are at the age of nine,
your wishes of staying online
and playing a role of vampire
crash like a game of life one can never decline;
If you happen to be two years old younger,
you definitely would refuse to lag behind,
since citizens of earth shall occupy infinite wonder,
with limited states of weightless trouble in mind.
Imaginations race in rapid speed,
You can fly in light years if you need.
As the year of 2012 looms near,
Pulsations of emotions start to appear,
Wearing or not wearing glasses,
I know none of you have to attend classes,
when spacious room of dreams is released,
every creative soul feels so very pleased;
Purple looks more beautiful
when it associates with Blue,
Spasms of joy falls tumbling down
when the enigma of love remains hopeful,
and this freedom of dream to fly belongs to you,
Believe that you are capable of anything or everything,
let your talent soaring high, while believing:
your future is promising,
your presence is award-winning.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Tree of Hope Will Be Ever-Green! Merry Christmas, To Me, To You!

A ray of hope flickers in the sky,
The whole world hears a baby’s cry,
A brilliant star is born so bright,
Eternal love overcomes all barriers to delight,
The TREE of hope will be ever-green
As angels and kings celebrate and sing,
The sky starts glittering above,
All due to this gift of LoVe,
Have a festive Christmas to me, to you,
May all of your fancy wishes come true.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Haikus (4 Holiday Prompts)

Stay blessed and cool,
Let Christmas magic learn you,
Dream free and be true.


Christmas joy and wine,
Add grace to December Sun,
Dance in snow for fun.


Winter fairyland,
Let wild thoughts illuminate,
Feel thankful and great.


No snow 4 Christmas,
Warm air makes travels pleasant,
Time for a present.


Jingle bells ring dear,
Family and friends are near,
Reindeer sends some cheer.


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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Until Spring Rain Gives Life to Everything...Merry Christmas!!

Gently, snowflakes float and touch the ground,
Covering the earth with a white blanket,
Cold, heartfelt, and profound,
Snowballs roll down the hill,
Snowmen pop up and glow,
Life that’s in hibernation inhale the chill
While bare tree branches soak December blow,
Nights become long
With day time sings a holiday song,
Time to let the year’s burdens be gone
and make corrections to incidents that done wrong!
Until spring rain gives life to everything,
Everyone has to pay attention to snow days and sing.

Standing At The Cross Road (Poetry)

December air is crusted with subtle missions,
Vanilla-scented trivet shivers
upon the sudden shifts of folks’ health,
 Trees laden with amorous emotions,
Standing at the cross road,
With my pen dripping heavy droplets of blue from my inkpot,
I reconcile with our relational precipice,
Decide to genuflect toward the South Pole for some time,
Love and satisfaction are No game,
Inkling shows that what you truly wanted
may not be what I can always offer,
Number of faces,
Fictional characters,
Those are trivial  to me
when they sum up and hurt some authentic identity,
Not ready to submit or negotiate deadline,
Let time judge and define,
with witness standing solid and sublime.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The World Is A Busy Place

Green pines laugh in the breeze,
Red lilies grin in the rain,
Squirrels jump to a race,
Satellites launch to outer space.
Z Z z z z….
See who is napping in woods,
M M m m m…
Discover beauty in nature’s truth;
Seasons of changes,
Shifts of gears;
Ebbs and flows of growth,
The conquer of fears;
Live Life in FREE verse,
Experiment poetry in reverse;
The world is a busy place,
Let’s embrace and re-measure our pace.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Late Thoughts

Incredible, years gone
with thoughts of you I’ve pondered upon
remaining near, I resent you none.
From time to time, I leap
And learn the rope of what to keep
inside me, Love has grown deep.
I fall, all of us fall at last,
Turn every present into past,
and what a remarkable blast.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Everything Is Possible!

Do lakes and stars get sick?
Do cobblestones have spirits?
Is rain removable?
Do you know how depressing to Morning
When she finds characters in bed
who has no desire to get up early for fresh air?
Can you sense the frustration
when a flat of stylishly dressed December is being misjudged and taken down?
Don’t you agree
That love is a tourniquet tightening the bands
about the quickly vanishing wrist of freedom?
Due to the acid of truth-everything is possible:
To be a toy snake on a TV show,
To live on crumbs of bread,
To act like a cat,
Constantly listening to the call of the Sun.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday 160: Hold My Hands

Things happen,
One after another
for inexplicable reason,
Moon tilts up her chin,
Clouds disperse,
Nobody is alone,
I'm here with You,
Hold my hands,
Walk on.


What Can You Write in 160 Characters?

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Short Story Slam Week 16: I Say It, I Was There!

I say it, I was there,
Regardless what spring rain has taken,
I was there, with you,
We have walked in the pouring rain,
Watching the raindrops’ shatter
On the umbrella we’re holding,
Tears fall
As a mother duck gathers her ducklings to a shelter
to escape the flood downpour,
I say it, I was there,
To feel your pain,
I say it, I was there,
To get rid of emotional stain,
Your hands warm
like sunshine on my face,
Your breath intense
like ocean waves,
I say it, I was there,
Love flows between two of us
like fresh air in open space,
Your fingers intertwine mine,
With you beside me, I feel divine.
Time often betrays us,
So much has slipped through our fragile hands,
Can’t let go,
Innocence lost,
But not our words,
You have my word,
I say it, I was there.


I am given The Perfect Poet Award for poets rally week 57, Thanks for the honor, Ava, at

The Poetry Palace, Here I am taking it and wish to nominate  Steven Federle for week 58, 

best regards.

Happy Writing,
Happy Reading!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Crow's Confession

Morning has been running bare feet
as she races cross the wild meadow,
Chasing the wind that has gone South,
I sit in the silvery sunset sky,
All soot and dark,
Hoarfrost rallying between my toes,
Knowing that I have not lost you
Because I never really have had you,
It’s here NOW
and there THEN,
Like a lost child,
You can’t tell exactly what you’re doing
all these times,
Do you have to seek happiness
at other folks’ suffering?
Love is love,
If one loves you,
One shall love you without conditions,
How could you,
losing your consistence
and yield to a selfish lover’s ugly request.
I know I could not change you,
But you are hurting others
By so called love,
Stop your contradicted tears,
And so I’m sitting here,
Perched with anger, sorrow, and sadness
on your subjective actions,
Expecting you to reconsider your plans,
Never mind,
I can take it,
and won’t respect more nonsense misperceptions
or self-centered assumptions 
from your other lovers.

The Broken Neck

Finally, frosty-headed, he fell asleep,
Not moved but murmuring something in his dream,
It’s midnight,
She stayed awake,
Decided to feed their cat downstairs,
Pitching down the dark stairway,
She tipped,
Falling through the empty space,
Landing on her face,
Touching the cold, clay floor,
With forceful pain whirling in her head,
She lays dead awake,
Still, could sense the miserable moments
standing near her with a smirk on face,
Her head above the stars,
An empty blur below,
Her limbs were angels in a haunted dream,
Cell phone beside her,
A remote within her reach,
She lays there,
Firmly believe that,
It’s the cat’s purring engine
and yellowish tail
that have settled at her neck.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dark Humor in December

The wind is naughty,
It fools around with everybody,
Shaking every leaf,
Violent of purpose,
Single-minded in its own force,
and unselective touches of everything before.
The mind is a copy cat of that,
It swings back and forth, sideways or backwards,
Undoing what’s given, smothering,
Unmaking in its wake,
Moving forward in light of destruction,
What a hard downpour.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flash Friday 55: Soul's Whispers on Penelope

When things seem wrong in many directions,
It takes courage and wisdom to stay upright.
Think of Penelope,
Wooed by dozens of odious suitors,
Threatened by living without her love
who was at the Trojan war,
Still, she believed that
Odysseus would find his way via turbulence
to light upon her shore
by remaining faithful.


Join us if you could, Happy Friday!