Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Valentine Special: Snow Verse

sheets of snow
wind down
unspoken thoughts
hammering coldness
in traveler's bones.
the waves of pain
melt firmly
in my flesh
sleepy light steals looks
on a snowcovered paveway
and that does haunt a small me.
when the snowflakes stick together
and knit the world with dangerous
net, a stalking ghost
slams a door shut
against an old tomb.

hyde park poetry palace thursdy poets rally week 80 (Feb 4 -Feb 17, 2015)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Birds In Trees, Birds on Wires (A tribe to Thursday Poets Rally week 80)

i walked outdoor
and looked at all the birds,
some hide themselves inside tree leaves,
many simply sit on the wire,
a string of goshawks and sparrows,
they form a moving line
which makes my moment sublime.
my joy to see the day's representation,
a blue jay lands on my shoulder,
a brown robin whispers in my ear,
they make me fall out of breath,
withholding myself very stilly,
i catch these birds' wings,
flying silently, south.


hyde park poetry palace thursdy poets rally week 80 (Feb 4 -Feb 17, 2015)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

all the time: An A plus something

i often
go nuts
on seasons.
like watching
the water flooding
the Han river
as a primary schooler
on Heliu street,
the dam becomes
low and weak-
containing fast speed raindrops,
a pregnant woman's bubble tummy,
anytime the water could break the dam,
and rushing fluid will occupy residents,
harboring boats will afloat
above the sea of water,
life gains and loses
at the same time.
a fish bone,
a snowdrop plant downstream,
it's spring in Autumn,
it's red cell in your Bloodstream.

about the perfect poet award, I gladly take it, and tag

 Bruce  and Neni  for week 80 Thursday poets rally, have a loving February.