Thursday, December 30, 2010


May 22 is my first child's birthday,
May reminds me of that special day;
In a land far far away,
In a hospital near a bay:
Women give births,
A moment in life revolving life and death.
Many women got to do C-Section,
Oh, my, their pain was hard to ease even with their family's protection.
I was lucky to give a natural birth
to an eight pound boy, what a bless.
We, six young women stayed in a large room,
with six babies in six little beds next to us, boom.
The nurses took very good care of us all,
They bathes our babies daily, loved them all.
I saw people coming and going,
Hubbies visiting and laughing.
I heard two women crying,
because they couldn't breast-feeding.
One woman got super upset,
Because her hubby did not show up to see the baby she get.
I lived in the hospital 4 three days,
I learned about life in many ways.
May is special to my family,
May is magical to my child and me.
May is the month to celebrate,
May is also the time to graduate.
May turns trees green,
May shows roses with dripping sheen.


My Entry 4 Month of the Year Challenge at Page from The Mind:Month of the Year Challenge (May)

Alphabe-Thursday , M is 4 May

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It comes after October
and before December.
November's air is cold,
November's turkey crispy and golden,
November's age is 11 month old,
November's garden frosty and forgotten.
November is the time
Echoes of wind make haunting sound,
November is the time
Brown leaves hit the ground.
November is the time
first snowfall gives its blow,
November is the time
Bare boughs rub to and fro.
What I like about November
is the smell of hot tea,
The warmth of thankful notes between you and me,
And the enthusiasm floating in the air cheerfully.

This is an entry for Ladymue's Month of the Year Challenge: November.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Love Test Is Tricky (Romance In Theme Thursday)

Academic tests are purposeful,
Medical tests are powerful,
Love tests are playful.
Tests are no fun
Unless you are well done.
You cry when you have to retry to score high.
It's mid-December,
Academic semester is about to be over,
Final exams may have kept you busy, remember.
A love test is tricky
If you miss the chance to prove yourself.
You may loss the one you love in case your lover is picky.
Think 4 yourself,
If a guy truly loves you,
He shall respect what you do.
You may make mistakes,
You may desire something costly,
Pass or fail, maintain your own custody.

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Good Luck On all Life Time Tests!
Have fun loving and being loved.
Merry Christmas!