Friday, August 31, 2012

5 and 22 or FATT Poetry Form

5 and 22 or FATT Poetry Form is a NEW poetry form created by Taylor Boomer, on June 10, 2012, To honor beautiful and inspiring individuals whose birthday falls on May 22,
including Sheng THE Wu and Thomas Boone Pickens Jr.!

Definition: write a poem with exactly 5 lines, and 22 words or fewer…

Here is an example:

I hurl nostalgia
into the paper bags,
Feeling the weight of my wishes,
I grab my pen
to write off the pain.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm born Being "Da" ...Tomatoes Are Da'Da'De'Hao

Being the oldest child in the family,
My parents call me their Da'Nu'Er,
My siblings call me Da'Jie,
To Me, being "Da" means more responsibility
and better opportunity to higher education.
Tomatoes are the very best or "da’da’de’hao"!
DA in English means Big, at times "The First",
I'm the first woman married to my hubby,
Thus I am the "Da" wife or the first lady,
To Me, being "Da" spouse implies
advantages in a marriage without
worrying about his ex-, ...’Da’ shows respect when used as surname…
"Da" is common in English words,
"Dada" is Chinese implies baba, or father,
Panda, Calendar, Day, Florida, Dallas, Idaho, Honda,
Mazada, Nevada, Wanda Group, ...
all contain "Da", be aware that
"ta" at times are also called "Da",
say, Minnesota, Italy, Atlanta, these have "ta" sounded as "Da"...

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Les-Son In Je-ne-fer An-D In The Lor-D

The G-Odd in Lor-D wishes mie for happiness:
To drive without s-pe-ed-ing,
An-d not sh-er-ik mar-ch,
To ch-ew his sco-pe of pe-nu-ts and gra-pe wi-ne,
and not behave as the bitch.
The G-Odd (Qi Gui De Sheng) ho-ped, in darkness,
To mi-ew and remember the Jinger Bread (Sheng Jiang Mian Bao),
and sa-w that how I thought like a pe-wit while mi-xing
and coo-pe-rating without burning my fi-ng-er-s.
"Jesus (Yesu), i love you, u only...",
his words id-en-ti-fy the goat-will
in min-d, whi-ch is why it is har-d 4 mie
to detach, desert, or betray the Lor-D.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Circle of Love (Home -->OKC-->Houston-->Frankfurt (Germany) -->Washington D. C. -->OKC -->Home

Love is a magical thing,
I like to doubt about his whereabouts,
But when I see him remain,
behave like a gentleman who's loving,
I feel like a foolish spouse:
Constantly he gives me comfort and assurance,
I feel cared for and understood,
He spices my mood,
I wish to expel those questionable thoughts
and stay upbeat, who care about truth?
I love him, and our boys as a family,
have a smooth fly home from Germany...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Wildcat Guide Hour (4 Hyde Park Poetry Rally W70 and Short Story Slam Week 25)

Carved by the calmness,
Silent sea lies open to the sky,
I ride toward the imagery desert,
Each printed footstep whispers a tale,
The sun woos the shore
in simple nudity,
Nothing dark stirs, to expel the spell
cast by the hot waves,
To Heaven as bare, as pure as chaste,
White as the light, bold as the move,
The dunes cling sleepily,
Each to its proper position,
Among the fields this naked place
withholds some wildcards
that is assured to those
who wear purple or orange
in their cultural customs,
When victory is challenged to obtain,
Transformation is defined
at Northwestern Ryan Field...

 Image Credit: Googld.come, Kim Riding a horse, Ryan Field at Northwestern University

Top Ten (10) Platinum Medalists and The End of 2012 London Olympics In Overview

According to The Wall Street Journal (B8, August 13, 2012):

Platinum Medal is something they believe better than gold medal,
which is determined by how much they beat the silver medalist by...

Here are Top 10 Platinum Medalists who have won Gold medal
in London, 2012 Olympic games, and set record high by great
distance in time they beat the silver medalists...

#1: Women's team pursuit,                   Great Britain,                        2.84% better than silver
#2: Men's 200m Kayak Double,           Russia,                                 2.22% better than silver
#3: Men's 200 free style,                      Yannick Agnel (France),        1.71% better
#4: Women's 200m free style,               Allison Schmit (U. S.),          1.70%
#5:Women's 4x400m relay (track),        U. S.,                                   1.68%
#6:Women's 100m butterfly swimming,   Dana Vollmer (U. S.),          1.56%
#7: Men's 400m Individual Medley,        Ryan Loche (U. S.),             1.48%
#8: Women's 200m backstroke,             Missy Granklin (U. S.),         1.48%
#9: Men's 100m back stroke swimming, Mathew Grevers (U. S.),      1.44%
#10: Women's 4x100m relay (track),       U. S.,                                  1.42%

Victory By Total Medals:

#1: United States,                                     46 Gold, Total 104
#2: China,                                                38 Gold, Total 88
#3: Russia,                                               24 Gold, Total 82
#4: Great Britain,                                      29 Gold, Total 65
#5: Germany,                                            11 Gold, Total 44
#6: Japan,                                                  7 Gold, Total 38
#7: Australia,                                              7 Gold, Total 35
#8: France,                                               11 Gold, Total 34
#9: South Korea,                                      13 Gold, Total 28
#10: Italy,                                                   8 Gold, Total 27
#11: Nethelands,                                         6 Gold, Total 20
#12: Ukraine,                                              6 Gold, Total 20
#13: Canada,                                              1 Gold, Total 18,
#14: Hungary,                                              8 Gold, Total 17,
#15: Spain,                                                  3 Gold, Total 17,
#16: Brazil,                                                  3 Gold, Total 17,
#17: Cuba,                                                   5 Gold, Total 14,
#18: Kazakhstan,                                          7 Gold, Total 13,
#19: New Zealand,                                       5 Gold, total 13,
#20: Belarus,                                                3 Gold, Total 13,
#21: Iran,                                                      4 Gold, Total 12,
#22: Jamaica,                                                4 Gold, Total 12,
#23: Kenya,                                                  2 Gold, Total 11,

Victory By Just Gold Medals:

#1: the U. S.,        46
#2: China,             38
#3: England,          29
#4: Russia             24
#5: South Korea,  13
#6: Germany,        11
#6: France,           11
#7: Italy                 8
#7: Hungary,          8
#8: Japan               7
#8: Australia,          7
#8: Kazakhstan,     7

 Image Credit:, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, 
Data Credit: The Wall Street Journal (August 13, 2012, B8)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Funny Bunny Fridays (Time To Smile )

Q: what do you call a bunch of froggy footprint?
A: A website.
Q: Why did the frog say "tweet?"
A: She was speaking a foreign language.
Q: Why should you never take a check from a frog?
A: It might bounce.
Q: How does a froggy steer a canoe?
A: with A Lily Pad-dle!

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