Saturday, January 25, 2020

hyde park poetry week 94, humor week 30, short story slam week 134

2020 年osu 华人学者与访问学者春节联欢晚会

袁卫华, Jenny Ge, and 张宇, Max Zhang

baby mozart

Image result for 2020春节联欢晚会

Image result for 2020春节联欢晚会

蒋诗萌 谢娜,肖战,鞠婧祎,杨迪,刘维

old wisdom

fresh air

a startling spring

a dream of fancy

new year is here

we are timid 

and cheerful like a reindeer


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

poetry and story inn fridays week 61, humor week 29

Image result for happy 2020 to taylor   happy 2020 to Taylor Swift

Image result for happy birthday to ruth  Happy Birthday, Ruth!

Image result for happy birthday to marta 

Image result for  happy new year, loree

tic toc toe
time walks without our attention
when a mouse clicks
the computer squeaks
when a page turns
we see fresh chapter of life

some old colleagues do remember Emily
we recall Loree, Marta, Ruth, Poppy, and Marlo
they are so dear
a poet such as Lisi, Ashley, Jill, Susan, and Shawn could inspire
we read, we often feel like laughing
Joanna Fuchs, she does write for a Christmas stuffing