Monday, June 18, 2012

The Unspoken Thought Must Be the Most Precise!

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Resentments fade,
Private conversations flicker
Through the hidden field in spring,
A tiny anchovy sinks in under the watchful stars.
Communications matter,
whether a monkey’s Curious expression
should be considered wise or silly,
Words do carry wind.
The unspoken thought must be the most precise.
But, distinctions make the relation
in between rigorous and hopeful.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tom Jacob Wu: The Ox (Niu) and His Legacy In International Space Is Tremendous! Giggles!


Ji'll be 44 on October 2,2012,
During her time in The People's Republic of
China(PRChina) (1968-1993)and The United States of
America (1993-2012), she's grateful to
both countries, family members, and poets who blog,
Justin(1/2/1968), Sheng(5/22/1993), and
Tom(12/25/1997) are close to her heart! Chuckles!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Love Is Blind

Being oblivious of the situations
and feeling restless,
She journeys through trapped planets
in drowned silence
cross the diamond studded sky,
Love is blind,
Love is mindless associations,
Anxious spark awaits in icy wind
as a fleeting fire ignites life,
The ember forms colored hues,
Smoldering with hope,
Yet transforming.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Peace on The Mountain by J. N.


There is Peace up the Mountain for us,
The earlier we climb, the faster we get;
The more we search, the best we'll see.
Awaiting Peace, how do we find you?

Peace on the Mountains,
No one knows where its kept,
No one could understand who kept it;
How was it kept? we do not know.

Peace up the Mountains,
We are its for us.
When we get there, we shall experience it.
What are you waiting for?

Wont you take the pains of Climbing?
Climbing beyond your sorrows
to eternal Peace,
Peace above all Imagination.

Peace, Mind Blowing Peace. 

Jackson Nyoho