Tuesday, January 7, 2020

poetry and story inn fridays week 61, humor week 29

Image result for happy 2020 to taylor   happy 2020 to Taylor Swift

Image result for happy birthday to ruth  Happy Birthday, Ruth!

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tic toc toe
time walks without our attention
when a mouse clicks
the computer squeaks
when a page turns
we see fresh chapter of life

some old colleagues do remember Emily
we recall Loree, Marta, Ruth, Poppy, and Marlo
they are so dear
a poet such as Lisi, Ashley, Jill, Susan, and Shawn could inspire
we read, we often feel like laughing
Joanna Fuchs, she does write for a Christmas stuffing

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Thursday Poets Rally hyde park poetry palace special week 93, short story slam week 131, the sunday whirl wordle 432

Wordle 432  


short story slam week 131, December 5----December 29, 2019, Merry Christmas

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Happy Birthday to Yun Yi, an awesome poet and writer 

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Middle Night breaks
moon and dark owls
divided hope in disguise


a blue hue
twinkle and shameful chain of logic
the shade of our bright mind resigns


some villains whispers
a reign and a rally rope of word assemplings
mindful eyes meet mindless space


human grace is enlarged by beautiful fancy , simply for a moment of joy


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

hyde park poetry week 92, humor week 24, 23, short stroy slam week 126

hyde park poetry week 92, (co-hosting poetry and story inn fridays week 54)  

 Image result for department of mathematics at fudan university

a moon gate from Weimann University

short story slam week 126, sept 19 --- October 5, 2019  

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Neriomkites  Viragok flower 

humor or funny bunny fridays week 1 to 23, 8/5/2011 ---9/10/2019, 9 years in the making 

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8/5/2011 to 8/5/2019, plus 5o days extended period, 8 years made, 9 years in the making

There is no courage, nor doubt
That comes to mind within this cloud
What i thought was not right, nor mind uncluttered
There is some courage within the hand
And sitting in the palm, leaping off the fingers
I lost my way here until I sought entrance
through the door.
Where shall I go? Where shall I flee?
Will I pass that great door
where courage will greet me?

a poem by Stefani  Harrison