Wednesday, September 25, 2019

hyde park poetry week 92, humor week 24, 23, short stroy slam week 126

hyde park poetry week 92, (co-hosting poetry and story inn fridays week 54)  

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a moon gate from Weimann University

short story slam week 126, sept 19 --- October 5, 2019  

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Neriomkites  Viragok flower 

humor or funny bunny fridays week 1 to 23, 8/5/2011 ---9/10/2019, 9 years in the making 

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8/5/2011 to 8/5/2019, plus 5o days extended period, 8 years made, 9 years in the making

There is no courage, nor doubt
That comes to mind within this cloud
What i thought was not right, nor mind uncluttered
There is some courage within the hand
And sitting in the palm, leaping off the fingers
I lost my way here until I sought entrance
through the door.
Where shall I go? Where shall I flee?
Will I pass that great door
where courage will greet me?

a poem by Stefani  Harrison

Monday, September 9, 2019

short story slam week 125, poetry and story inn fridays week 53

childhood dreams
someone says good omen
others have doubts
if I reject a proposal
a person takes it serve
we try to write good story
everyone can do this
so that you holld a piece of yourself
never meant to give up a freedom

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

humor week 21, poetry form week 17, poetry and story inn fridays week 52

Here’s an attempt at an Awdl Gywydd poetry form:

Nature, by Robert Lee Brewer

When we visit kangaroos,
we go to the zoo and find
every animal we can
from toucans to colorblind
elephants and hyenas…
Arenas filled with lions
aren’t as fun as some may guess.
I confess: We were trying,
but that’s only nature’s way
of trying to say unsaid
things after the moment’s passed.
Alas, we live ’til we’re satisfied

Awdl Gywydd Poem forms

I love Welsh forms, because they tend to rhyme…and folks tend to ask me how to pronounce them. In this case, awdl gywydd is pronounced “ow-dull gee-youth.” Now, let’s look at the rules:
  • Four lines
  • Seven syllables per line
  • The final syllable of the first and third lines rhyme with the 3rd-5th syllable of the following lines
  • The second and fourth lines rhyme.
Here’s a possible version (the a and c rhymes can slide a little):

Thursday, July 18, 2019

short story slam week 121,

laura and grace
they are children who are curious
Susan and Bristol
they are girls who are brave
janet and judy
they are sisters who have wonders
mira and anne
they are family relatives who are cute

if you read mackenzie
if you read kristen
if you feel good enough to say hello to barbara
we think that things are better in between