Friday, March 27, 2020

poetry form week 32, humor week 34-45, short story slam week 138

Iphone wallpaper minimalist-68 – Iphone wallpaper  

who is in favor of half dome
who is walkinh on the moon
who is interested in earth crust?

Tom is thinking of crescent food shop,
Vivi is trusting a robot machine,
Max Barry is loading lots of play dough for childcare center???!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

humor week 31, poetry potluck week 55, poetry and story inn fridays week 65

Image result for happy womens day

march 8, 2020, it is a woman's day

Image result for happy womens day

Image result for happy womens day

a woman is tough
as touch as a stone
a mind is well wired
all tangled like a ball of colorful yarn

a will is strong
a tie is cute
a link is informational
ladies and gentlemen are all alike


Sunday, February 9, 2020

poetry and story inn fridays week 64, short story slam week 135

Siddhant Agrawal
Agyemang Perpetual
George Avrunin
David Mix Barrington
Jeff Beaulieu
Catherine Benincasa
Tom Braden
Weimin Chen
Elizabeth Clark
Patrick Dragon
Erica Farelli
Michael Hayes
Hans Johnson
they do lots of calculus,
what do they think of poetry?
do feel free to ask.  

Saturday, January 25, 2020

hyde park poetry week 94, humor week 30, short story slam week 134

2020 年osu 华人学者与访问学者春节联欢晚会

袁卫华, Jenny Ge, and 张宇, Max Zhang

baby mozart

Image result for 2020春节联欢晚会

Image result for 2020春节联欢晚会

蒋诗萌 谢娜,肖战,鞠婧祎,杨迪,刘维

old wisdom

fresh air

a startling spring

a dream of fancy

new year is here

we are timid 

and cheerful like a reindeer