Tuesday, February 7, 2017

short story slam week 62, 63, Whoresheep and RobinsonGames

E if for Erin burnett , England, and Einstein Drive

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Image result for erica schmidt   Wu Wenping, or Wendy Yzhaorng

Wordle 285 

 whoresheep and RobinsonGames
all root from fingernails and Bud Lite beers

shredded glasses
eye catching body gestures

when one sings prayers to curved and brown stones
Jennifer and Wendy dance marathon to wounded soldiers

a wavely lady writes her history on Wooden board,
bled thumbs pin love and hop on brown paper doors

black and white colors
Wu Wenping, or Wendy Yzhaorng join Wu Ai E and Fu Biyun,

John Harvard, Henry Bennett, John Evans, John Hancock,
what is the difference in between?

Erin Burnett, Burns Hargis, Morton Schapiro, Skylar Peng,
what is the reason they are up to run?

Lucilie Songum, Paisley Rodhamucrowfawnt, Joy Evelyn Wilson,
what is the drive for you all to remain insane?

 absolutely no love,
but some wonder here

I close my doors
I put down my curtains

i walk outside, looking at Boba Fusion Cafe tofu and seaweed soup,
i eat all of the shrimp fried rice, hot water cups

when Kellie Adams, Carol Powell, and Maggie Ponce paint a male chick,
we increase our faith on behalf of Ivan Dai, Megan Crow, Sam Clancy, and Jing Hong

little plane... 

 Image result for small planeImage result for small plane

short story slam week 62, on story of Mark Surman, Jim Wales, James Waldo, Rachel Roy, and Susan Grossman along with Firefox 

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 Image result for lucille painting landscapes Lucillie painting water color landscape 

Shopping Malls [Friday My Town Shoot Out]

 Image result for lucille painting landscapes 
 Image result for lucille painting landscapes 
Image result for lucille painting landscapes  Art by Lucillie Soongum


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

short story slam week 60, 61, ABc Wednesday, Shadow Shot Sunday, and Ruby Tuesdays,

3WW Week No. 515 

 Misogynist, Neophyte, Oblivious,

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B is for Bethoven, Bath tissue, Berkeley, and Business School

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Image result for berkeley   

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sky lift... 

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 Misogynist, Neophyte, Oblivious,
 Bath Tissue, Berkeley, California Bethoven Business school

 Ruby Tuesday
Sky ward views from Pink Saturday Ladies

Ribons cutting shrill
card drawing contests remove blue Monday

awaking Robin sings
word stitches peak calm water

sense making morning
a shadowy figure circulates tall teepee of green pines

a can of beer is not enough to pass my sorrow
a blow of broken arrows does sink our hearts

when a tie becomes a rope
things could turn good or bad

we pray for Samrufz and wish good luck of Reunt Zhang
a kind gesture could save you a million flower petals

 incredible sea side
 Tai Hang and Wu Zi mountain valley confirms 

 Morton Schapiro expectation
under Alan Eagle, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Sheryl Kara Sandberg

Zhang Yongming,
a nephew of Shuai Heping, Shuai Gongping, Shuai Fengzhi, and Peng Zhongqiang

who shall not choose sadness, but joyful
path, and find credits in foods, oil change, and air tickets

Wordle 282 


Morning shadows 
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Image result for ruby tuesday sky lift

Heronswood summer flower...

 Image result for business plan 

Image result for ruby tuesday sky lift

Thursday, December 1, 2016

short story slam week 58, pure joy, Monday Yellow Mellow, signs, and friday my town shoot out

chunky coast guard.

 Image result for yellow flowers

 Image result for yellow flowers in snow

autumn days
the road is frosted with fir leaves

butterfly wisdom
princess Mugroofsz Gabe speaks

peanuts and sesame balls
Charlie Scultz and Trent Schulyim fight for Christmas shopping

Mengzi, Taozi, Kongfuzi, Sunzi, Yanzi, Erzi, Zuozi, Weizi, Bushzi, Kenzi, Xubazi,
Laozi, Zhuangzi, Waurikzi, Peachzi, Fangzi, Chezi, Biaozi,Trumpazi, Penzi, Lanzi,

positions and jobs,
poems and free verses,

prince Adamson wins an award for courage,
prince Jollyottis wins a gift from brazil,

fox news
chicken little joke box

 a magpie, a wallpaper,
a girl could be more quiet than she were, silence is our choice

My favorite little corner [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 

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short story slam week 58, December 1--december 18, 2016, things that is sweet in your memory
 Related image
Related image


short story slam week 57: sweet thoughts

Whirligig 88 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Evening" by Raymond Carver: languid, autumn, coming, loss, exceptional, outline, hinted, suffer, longing, back, more, die

Giving ~ Days 28 & 29

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Image result for giving tree

winter days
buttercup and unicorn fly through united airline

hot wired webster
evening breaking news by Raymond Carver

laughing valley
autumn loss backs up with undied longing

suffering trees
languid outline cooks more exceptional core

rainbow in sky
romantic thought goes frying pans

giving, means sharing,
loving, means forgiving...

no outline is more acurate than the way it occurs
a hinted note may be confusing sometimes due to one's nature

U for United Airline, and Unknown Factors

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Image result for buttercup
Image result for buttercup


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday,

to the observatory...
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 Image result for max barry

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Regarding (Most) Songs" by Thomas Lux: voice, sing, trills, banal, primal, dumb, without, means, noise, plaintive, joyful, words

 Image result for karl dean  Dolly Parton
 Max Barry, Dolly Parton,
they form Branson singing talent

Warren Buffet, Ajit Jain,
they join Berkinstock and Alphabet, sightseeing Google

Megan Barry, Bruce Barry,
they will not forget Karl Dean, Jim Dean, and Meredith Rollin

Thomas Lux, Sam Lux,
they voice their food choice for Sichuan cousins

 trills and primals
dumb thumb may forget means of sctive index figures

plantive and joyful tomatoes
mouthful words and banal fruits, they jump ropes

in Silicon Valley, Apple Inc, Cisco, Pixco, Tuitt,
Hp, Dell, Microsoft, Yahoo, or Jingle Poetry Potluck

Branson and Florence,
both assemble bookmarks or simple knots from Conyers, Jackson, and Evanston

 Image result for sichuan dining chuan wei ju
 Image result for sichuan dining chuan wei ju  
Image result for joshua london        joshua London and iris pearce

Comfort Food [Friday My Town Shoot Out
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Image result for sichuan food  

Image result for sichuan food
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