Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday prompts, short story slam week 53

Shadowy message 

 Image result for shadowary message in poetry reading 
Image result for shadowary message in poetry reading

Six Word Saturday 

 Pancakes and Texas Toasts Please ME

K is for Kansas Kingdom and Kitty Kingbirds at ABC Wednesday.

 Image result for kansas kingdom kingbirds  Kingbird from Kansas Kingdom

Image result for kingbirds lonely baby kingbird
Image result for kingbirds   Kobey,  Kauirbu, and Kimoxpher

 Image result for kingbirds 

Arieaby, Alspeak, and Arsenna, 

regardless what we post,
 Pancakes and Texas Toasts Please ME
regardless what people think of us,
 Kingbird from Kansas Kingdom pair up

regardless what others understand
lonely baby kingbird chirps for attention

regardless what Morton and Julio agree,
Kobey,  Kauirbu, and Kimoxpher gather for brotherly relation

regardless what Obama and TRacy believe
Arieaby, Alspeak, and Arsenna perform a movie

regardless what Ningxia and Nanjing record the world history,
Iris Chang, An Na, Pearl Buck, Jili Jiang, Zhiming Fang, and Emily Krajicek brave the way

to Germany, Italy, France,  Australia, Peru, Cuba, Vienna, and 
Brazil, or Japan

the time has never stopped rolling
Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling have never stopped spinning their heads on Victims who survive

Hopeman agree to give hope,
Sherman agree to Track Fame

Thursday, August 18, 2016

memory art, and ruby tuesday

  Image result for hobby lobby yarns
Black & White Wednesday ~ Safe Haven 

 My Memory Art 

Image result for hobby lobby yarns

red trim...

Red trim
safe haven

janet and junie 
in red sweaters and blue tight jeans

chins loosing
figures itchying for needle art

a pale faced ghost afloat around
touring a sea of wanderous designs
on Roger Zero's six flag roller coaster

fat eyes
chubby nose
square rooted numbers 

short story slam week 51, colorful yarns and smooth skin nylon

short story slam week 51: touch the sky dreams, 8/18/2016---9/4/2016


Image result for hobby lobby yarns 

A yawn of silent demand
A ball of wool of red, green, blue, and brown

to Hobby Lobby store,
the master creates ball of soft flower petals into a shelf of poems

I weave my thoughts into colorful balls

and now
if you wear a mitten or a scarf made out of Genova yarn

an art

the world falls apart
when a star winks at a planet of mars
setting a fire
to ignite some dry woods

Friday, July 22, 2016

short story slam week 49; ships of doubts in the sky

short story slam week 49, July 21---August 7, 2016, Silver Swan poetic stories of romance and mystery
 Image result for swan
Whirligig 69 

  photo d6bf27bf-79d4-4e08-be7d-a1157a7e90c9_zps7h37dy9q.jpg

Swan lake
epsilon awakes

patterns stem from whirring dusts
garden peony burdocks weeds of wonder

dwindle doodle
big apple hovers low

softening clouds
silky cloth

blue sky sails ship of doubts
dry weather rejects cleverland owls

mary fallin speaks of one America,
Nancy Caplow has fun watching Kaelyne Yumul

It is about November outcome
Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Ivanka Trump, Peter Thiel, and James Seth welcome

If Mike Pence and Merke Vogels agree,
Newt Gingrich, David Caplow, Sylvia Caplow, Audrey Pence may win fame

world record breaking news from CNN, CBS, FOx,
We learn from Will Bus Jaco, Dale Alspach, Larry Mullins, and Treston Burns

another day
Julie Cohen and Carson Misner have a say

Jezy Gray remains cool,
so do Steve Price, Cindy Malayer, Nani Pybus, Amy Martindale

the smoke is gone
the water is deep

we all calm down,
We say "Truce" and "Peace" to Debbie Hickman, Bret Danilowicz, Bruce Crauder,

far from Shana Gibelyou and Iain Pybus,
rising Amelia Neal, Bob Wilson, Kat Wu, Thomas Wikle, and Lori Scanlan

Thursday, July 7, 2016

short story slam week 48

Black & White Wednesday ~ Hummmm 

 Image result for indians

busy yellow... 

 Image result for hummom
 Image result for indians
 busy days
golden sun ray

black and white hummingbird
coloeful wings

irrational numbers filled the space
wild reasons brought to indian's face

love or hate
life shall always be great

a child wonders about budah
a baby cries for milk and juice

prayers from American tribes
Red Earth art, royal spot

River spirit casino
Eric Oesch, Lisa Hicks Snell, Megan Baker, playing solo

Waterbird art gallery,
Lenzy Krehbiel Burton has a say

Duck Creek casino,
Tonkawa Tribal Powwow

Otoe Missouria Encampment
Okmulgee Indian Community Smoke shop

Choctaw nation capital
philbrook art, sam noble history, wheelock academy
Whirligig 67 

  photo 2affbb22-444d-40a1-9fb8-2ddf015d95c5_zpseb686gbf.jpg