Sunday, November 27, 2011

Haiku on Light

Unknown future ahead,
Bars of light in shadowy site,
Leading wondrous feet.
Hold me all night long,
In the light of love and care,
By becoming the air.
Let’s go for a hide,
Where I pretend to be bride,
With love as our light.
Nothing keeps us apart
As long as we cherish light,
the way we value life.
Morning and Evening,
Attracting times of everyday,
Life is De-Light-FUL.
Light shoots through your eyes,
Making my heart jump with joy,
What a sweet contact.
Thankfulness from heart,
The light of exchanging love,
Can’t live without it.

Haiku Heights :    Light

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Special: Join Us for Poetry Picnic, The Party Is On!

It’s Thanksgiving,
Time to fine tune my thinking,
How about the beauty of giving,
And the blessings we’re receiving!
I wish you cool talent in writing,
Perfect health in living,
Wisdom in believing,
The willingness for listening,
I wish you a confident self inside you,
A snug future ahead of you,
An incredible mind to grace you,
Many good friends beside you.
I wish you dreams worth the doing,
A goal deserves the pursuing,
Sweetest nights romancing,
Finest days smiling.

Dear followers, poets at Jingle Poetry Community, bloggers who have made comments in this blog, or anyone who read this post, how have you been?  I wish to thank you for your lovely support and tolerance to me, to this blog, and to Jingle Poetry Community, including JP @ The Gooseberry Garden, It is thanksgiving time, which means we give thanks to people who love and make differences in our lives, thus I am saying:










Poetry Picnic at The Gooseberry Garden  is still open for submission, please share your talent today and enjoy a lovely FEAST on poetry! Your continued support is highly valued!            

Greeting from Morning,
Happy Wednesday,
Join the Party and Smile!
lots of gratitude and respect!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday 160 in Weekend Prompts

Did you notice that?
The homeless is anxious
in treasure haunting
when it comes to thanksgiving,
Wanna to offer them a meal?          
If you do,
That's a handsome deal.


What Can You Write in 160 Characters?

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Poetry Jam : A Time To Ponder

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beautifulness (Submitted to Magpie Tale)

Block the noises,
Make your choices,
Don’t think that much,
because thinking is painful.
Ignore the jeers,
See beyond your peers,
Because if you don’t,
You will stop smiling.
Dream life beautiful,
Feel life zestful,
Know your own worthiness,
Because subjective treatment makes no sense,
Know that you are fine,
and you can make life divine,

We are open for theme fitting poems,
or random poems, please share 
and enjoy a lovely FEAST on poetry!            

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Haikus: Obsession, Hourglass, Gratitude

Obsession with ideas,
Write, rewrite to finalize,
What rewarding time.
When hourglass turns again,
Obsession of you remains,
Thankful thoughts obtain.
Wish to hug the Sun,
Like crazy, off edge I run,
Obsession is wine.
Childhood obsession:
Dreams, books, and observations,
How admirable.

One Single Impression:   Hourglass

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 14 (Fiction)

Sitting in her favorite bath tub, with hot and bubbling water kissing her delicate, soft, and beautiful skins, Amy feels relaxed, and excited too.

The little yellow rubber duck seems knowing all of her secrets tonight, because it sits there, turning its back on her, and falls quiet!

Gently, Amy washes herself, hair first, with the most famous brand of shampoo and conditioner, then, she does her body: face, neck, legs, feet, including toes and back, it seems like if she did not give herself a complete bath, her life would fail.

That is a dreadful thought.       

As her fingers go through her breasts, especially the area around the nibbles, her face turns red:

One week ago, at the International Convention Center, Max Russell, A CEO from Australia, keeps his eyes fixed on her half shown breasts when they dance, his right hand has brushed against there unintentionally, when music stops, and he turns his body away. And that touch has sent her thoughts flying.

Yet, Amy is a woman with tastes, she would not make her move despite what she thinks.

They meet every day, handling a business deal in between, along with several businessmen from both parties. Max is of the most handsome guy among them. He has been very attentive to Amy these days, but, she has declined his offering to movies or drinking at bars.

Tomorrow, Max has to go back to his own country, and Amy, a widow of a war hero, who has been very lonely, yet very elegant looking and child free, decides to meet him tonight, for dinner at a private and fancy hotel.

Max has sent one thousand red roses at her door step this morning, fifteen minutes before she drives to work, and along with a card, is a love poem on it, handwritten and signed by Max.

Actually, Amy does not know much about Max, despite that fact that he is a business CEO and must be rich, and he has given a super fair bonus to the business where Amy is in. And he has a very beautiful attitude.

Amy starts to wonder about him only after three days ago, when they dance again as part of their business duties, Max has invited her to to dance with him FIVE songs in a row, while Amy takes a break, Max simply sits next to her, being quiet. When Amy exits the ballroom to breathe some fresh air, Max has followed her outside, and he has squeezed her left hand, while she begins to shiver in the cold autumn wind, yet, Amy has insisted going home by herself.

The bath water has turned warm!

 Amy comes back from her train of thinking. She hand massages herself, from head to toe, once more, in a quick pace, and finally stands up, showing her clean and perfectly shaped flesh to the empty space, she shivers a little as she wraps herself with a pink towel.

Staring at the mirror, she sees herself beautiful, but, some shameful thoughts quickly climb on her cheeks and she almost wants to scream: what’s this all about? 

The doorbell rings as soon as she puts on her dating dress, and has her light makeup on.

 It’s hard to imagine what’s going to happen, but, Max is waiting, and she is ready!


Alphabe-Thursday's Letter B : B is for be ready when romance hits,

Sunday, November 6, 2011


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The Sun and the Moon,
met and parted soon, leaving
a mystery tune.
A love mystery,
survives after five frosts,
pleats of dreams unfold.
Emotions rise and fall,
Life is a mystery tour,
time and space tell all.
Where is love hiding?
Passion is a mystery,
It burns in poetry.
Her heart bursts in light
when he unveils mystery,
in making things right.
Nothing is fixed,
Be ready when asked to
let mystery go.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Prompts: Where Are You When...?

Where are you
when frightful figments
are cooked to crop my feathers,
and make war between you and I?
Where are you
when schemes of sentiments
seem too strong to be punctured
and delight in carnage jerks your mind?
Where are you
when hearts thumping,
flickering hope is twitched in the gutter
and melted like butter?
Where are you
when fables are caught in bloody bottle
and faith is carved up,
gurgling down the sidewalk?
Where are you
when she is lost in your love maze
and fidelity evaporates
upon your distanced gaze?

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flash Friday 55

You give me the expressions of embrace,
To my actions, in open space,
Taking me to a place we share
on this autumn night,
Where communication is our hungry stare,
and the breath we hear,
I'm glad you dare,
I'm content you care,
Love's transfixed
when time spent with you
turns my dream come true.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Colors in November: Red, Green, and Orange

An Acrostic on the Color of Orange

Orange is the color of Fall,
Radiant and reflective to all,
As time goes by,
No doubt of its beauty and why;
Gaze into the orange sky,
Exhibit excellence and fly.

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A Riddle:

You go on RED, stop on GREEN,

Guess a fruit.