Monday, April 14, 2014

Salt Lake City: The Snowbird Angel of Utah

Populated by white, black, Asian, Hispanics, Samoans, or Tongans,
Founded by Pioneers such as Brigham Young, Issac Morley, George Washington Bradley,
Salt lake city is the most celebrated capital of Utah state,
It is well known for its snow mountain skiing adventure,
It is a gem for all to enjoy.

Salt lake City (Yanhu or Xihu Shi) is rich in many attractions, here are some of them that get
David Gardner, Edgar Thompson, Robert Noyce, Robert Hasty, Mike Brown, David Entwistle,
and Julia Roberts' attention:

Rose Park
Utah State Capital,
Union Pacific Deport,
Panoramic of Temple Square,
Festival of Color,
First Presbyterian Church,
Wasatch Front,
University of Utah,
Zion National Park,
Pelicate Arch,
Salt Lake,
Salt Palace,
Sugar House,
Arches National Park,
Gateway District,
Energy Solution Arena,
Smith Ballpark,
Murphy's Bar and Grill,
Snowbird Mountain Resort,
Utah's Hogle Zoo,
Box Elder Museum,
Hill Aerospace Museum,
Mark Miller Toyota Car Dealer,
Subaru Midtown Car Dealer,
Jerry Seinor Car Dealer...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mountain View On Google and Yahoo

First yahoo,
Then google,
First wild and empty,
Then mild and full of authority,
Mountain view symbolizes technology,
Information, and scientific biology,
Companies such as Apple, Motorola, DrChRoNo,
Microsoft, Mat-lab programing, Lady Marlo,
Seasonal techcrunch representations,
plus Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer,
Computer engineering major on rise,
Explosive start-ups for tech enterprise,
Not many can do the trick,
A major breakthrough beyond Saint Patrick,

First yahoo,
Then google,
First Jerry Yang,
Then Larry Page,
Eric Schmidt Rocks,
Marissa Mayer turns new chapters' page,
Christmas socks dangle near the chimney,
Holiday songs jingle along the mood of each family,
Happy April Fool,
Don't promote obesity at your school.

Go visit Mountain View,
Let your dark guts go on brew.

This is a submission to a project on nutrition...please join us today. 

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