Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas, Happy New Year Food Haiku

Christmas Poetic Forms : HAIKU (Week 7)

William's, Walmart, Crepe
Coop Gran, Remy Martin, Zero
Coke, Appleton.


Thick Mango juice,
Mocking Jay Peter issues,
Caterlin negoiates


Lee Ann Burns ice cream,
Charles Page, Gary Salwierak,
They meet Eric Wren Brinn.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender: A Book Review Via the authur herself

katie alender

katie alender

Author. Pleased to meet you.

The Bad Girls Don’t Die series

BGDD 300 highvoya bad girls don't die as dead as it gets

Once upon a time, Alexis was your typical high school outcast: pink hair, bad attitude, unapologetic loner. Until the day her little sister Kasey made friends with the wrong ghost, and Alexis had to step up and do battle with an evil supernatural force. That set in motion a series of events that would forever change Alexis’s life–and the lives of the people she loves–as she learned that, no matter how bad they seem… things can always get worse.

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“This book made me wish I still slept with a night-light! A smart, scary ride.”
- Melissa de la Cruz, NYT bestselling author of the Blue Bloods series

“FROM BAD TO CURSED sent a creepy, delicious chill up my spine. All I could think when I turned the last page was more, more, more!”
- Heather Brewer, NYT bestselling author The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series

“In the classic tradition of Stephen King, Alender will have you sleeping with the lights on.”
- Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, NYT Bestselling authors of the Beautiful Creatures series

Originally published in 2009, Bad Girls Don’t Die was selected for the Tayshas Reading List of the Texas Library Association, named to the New York Public Library’s 2010 Stuff for the Teen Age list, and is available through Scholastic book clubs. In 2013 it was awarded second place in the Minnesota Youth Reading Awards.
  • Publishers Weekly “Fans of classic young adult ghost stories should welcome this solid offering.”
  • Horn Book “The spooky story has all the right elements to keep pages turning and lights switched on.”
  • Kirkus “Strong characterization will draw readers in…both primary and secondary characters are unique and satisfyingly complex.”
  • The Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books “The book begins with promising spooky menace, and ghost-story aficionados will recognize the delicious classic tropes of the vengeful dead and old tragedies revenged upon descendents…this may suffice to give haunt fans an enjoyable frisson.”
  • Booklist “With just enough violence, suspense, and romance to keep readers turning the pages, this is a promising debut for a new young author and will be a popular addition to any YA collection.”
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ISBN – Bad Girls Don’t Die
978-1423108764 (hardcover), 978-1423108771 (paperback)
ISBN – From Bad to Cursed
978-1423134718 (hardcover), 978-1423137771 (paperback)
ISBN – As Dead As It Gets
978-1423134725 (hardcover), 978-1423137788 (paperback)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

poetry form week 7: haiku

Christmas Special of Poetic Forms : HAIKU (Week 7)

Thunder VS Portland
Beat the heat music noises
long drive to a tie


Mountain View court room
Homeland, Bud Light, or Subway
Chris Cagle scores high


Taco Mayo stop
Branson and Thunder T-shirts,
Mid-First bank sprite cup