Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mid-Week Blues and Resolutions (For Weekly Prompts Around Blogging Land)

 Sunday Swirl Prompt

At last, the child gassed up the pain in him,
baring evidence of hidden resentments from within,
Not his fault, though!
Smooth relation can be violated for many reasons,
from the child's point of view, it's a mother's
duty to soothe the gaps between couples,
when in solitude, it's natural for one to see things
in darkness, due to absence of refreshing elements,
that could upgrade the relation, otherwise,
the once upon a time positive energy
and pleasant banters can be replaced by silence,
We all know 5 + 4 = 9,
3 x 3 = 9,
but numbers are relative,
Shifting gears is needed to claim happiness,
My morning coffee would not be satisfying
without creamy milk, and
the sun is yellow,
the sky is blue,
the clouds are white,
let our actions and thoughts shine cool,
that's the way to advance comfort times,
I wish you, joy and satisfaction
in every possible section
of life, i love you, my child,
bless you, please stay upbeat
and be an individual that's honest,
productive, helpful,
and never quit upon defeat.

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A Haiku

when things seem uncool,
you must remain calm and true,
we always love you.

Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 72 (September 5 -12, 2012)


  1. trying to combine all prompts.

    thus write this,
    thanks for reading.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of challenges in one post. Great job!

  3. That WAS ambitious to try to connect all those prompts. It was an interesting read, no doubt!

  4. very nice written. Touching!

  5. I enjoyed reading your writings...

  6. Nice piece, tho I'm not sure what YOUR H is here - please enlighten.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Honest and helpful, we need more of those.

    Hello in Korean language
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  8. your love for your kids is obvious and well told.

  9. You have some lovely words of advice for your child. Thanks for linking up. Please come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

  10. Now, that's a lot of links in one post, and it was a good try!

  11. Lovely advice♫ The haiku was a nice touch♪

  12. The photo helped to bring your words into focus. No pun intended. Having grown up in an environment where the adult often spoke in shouts and fits...I think I had to learn early to learn 'calm' in spite of lack of nurture.

    I went with humor this time around:

  13. What a thoughtful and moving piece of writing. Excellent! Brava!!

  14. I remember hating when my parents fought.

  15. Realistic and very touching. Parenting is like this....we wish to cram so much into a window of time that is relatively small in comparison to everything that will touch their lives. Excellent work.

  16. A profoundly perfect piece of writing.

    Parenthood is such a responsibility. Every action defines a child's heart.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing writing with us.


  17. great poetry form,

    lori webster
    poetic blooming
    jingle yan
    zimmerwood train in netherland
    mary oliver