Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Vouch For Truce and Peace, Happy Birthday 2 Sheng, Please!

What do I Say
on this remarkable May Day?
While wars give peaceful land heat,
Wonderful minds become anxious to debate,
Apples and oranges,
We must take both for healthy growth,
Say NO to violence,
Speak against injustice,
Never mind someone else' individual freedom,
I vouch for truce and peace,
Happy Birthday 2 Sheng, please!

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  1. Let's stand for peace.

    bless all.

    Happy Birthday To Sheng Wu...



  2. You know, sometimes people mistake peace as a concept of everyone smiling and saying how great everything is going. Peace can also be the idea of taking past experiences and using them as a platform to create change and a more peaceful future for others.

  3. peace can be understood in many means, indeed.

    Thanks for the efforts.

    you rock.

  4. amazing tribe.

    Happy Birthday to Sheng.

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  6. Peace Frog.. The Doors influence?

  7. World peace. Sounds really cheesy, huh? What I wouldn't give to turn my television on just one day and hear only good things; no death, no violence or hatred.
    Here's hoping your week is blessed!