Thursday, May 3, 2012

Never Put Yourself In A Wax

Forget about disagreement,
Never mind resentment,
Let's put on our performing customs,
and illustrate our talent in cosmos:
If I disguise myself as a tiger,
Would you match me as a lion?
If I turn myself into a rabbit,
Would you make yourself into a porcupine?
If I were to walk on tightrope,
Would you mind swinging on trapeze?
If I were morning,
Would you love to be evening?
Peace is opposite of wars,
Entertainment is the avenue to happiness of yours!
Join me for the fun and relax,
Never put yourself in a wax.


  1. Can we match, can we communicate,can we not support each other? Yes, we can and we should. You said it very well. Great verse!


  2. Yes, we do make it more difficult than it ever need be. This is so sweet! Thanks for writing it!

  3. smart metaphors.

  4. very nice! What a delightfully fun take on the unity within diversity. Loved it!

  5. Nice. Very creative way to illustrate this. Really enjoyed, it was refreshing. Thanks

  6. very lively! just the thing to put a smile on my face after a hard day in the office. :)