Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birthday Wishes, Christmas Cheers!


Candles Are a Gift of Light

Candles are a gift of light,
A tiny sun, a bit of star.
No other dancer in the night
Dances with such sheer delight,
Little souls serene and bright,
Each a glimpse of what we are
Shining innocent and pure.

Crystal Loves the Waves

Crystal loves the waves
And takes them for a ride.
But just right now her mummy
Is on the other side.
As far as she can see
There are waves, and more, and more.
But just right now her mummy
Is on the other shore.

It's a great big ocean
With lots of sharks and whales,
Octopus and sailboats
And big boats without sails,

Polar bears and penguins,
And lots and lots of fish.
But just right now her mummy
Would like to make one wish.

Crystal's mummy wishes
The ocean were a puddle.
Then she could jump across
And the two of them could cuddle!

Wouldn't it be nice
If the ocean were a lake?
Then Crystal's mummy
Could have some birthday cake.

Crystal's mummy loves her,
But she is far away.
So just right now she sends her love
On Crystal's special day.


  1. Happy December Birthdays,

    Enjoy a very beary Christmas.

  2. best wishes, a birthday on Christmas is very special.
    God bless the mother and the child.

  3. perfect cheers,

    thanks for adding light to a 17 year old child's life.

  4. Happy Happy 17th birthday,
    and Merry Christmas.

  5. seasons greetings,

    enjoy a very cheerful holiday.

  6. Christmas is a time for family reunion and job break,

    Smooth sailings,
    have a remarkable season of the year.

    Happy Birthday....

  7. christmas =shweng dan


  8. glad to see the positive energy spreading the blogging sphere.

  9. Watch some shows,
    listen to music and performance art show such as orchestra,

    have a fantastic season of the year...

  10. happy birthday,
    Juliet and Romeio.