Saturday, November 6, 2010

Magpie #39-No Regret

I have chicken feet,
I have red head,
I love roaming on the street,
Picking up crumbs of bread.
I am a perfect alarm clock,
Singing before dawn is the time I do tick tock
Rain or shine,
You can count on me to get the job done.
No regret
When it is time to die,
No panic hatred
When I am made into a pie.
I am a rooster, a guy
Who carries pride.
I am a self starter, that's why
I have nothing shameful to hide.

Magpie Tale #39 By Willow at
Happy Reading!


  1. You just can't beat a self startin' rooster...but they are good eatin'

  2. You depict a naturally proud rooster. Good magpie.

  3. Oh.. looks like you really spoke for the rooster, Jin! NICE!!! Full of pride and respect for self!!! Me likes!

  4. What a rooster he is! This is great Jingle! :-)

  5. This sums up a rooster in fine feather fashion!

  6. great description of the rooster/chicken. nice poem

  7. What a fine spin on this magpie challenge. Rooster pride! :-)


  8. I have to also admit that this piece made me smile. It reminded me of the times on my grandpa's farm, with his roosters strutting around arrogantly as if telling all the hens, "I'm all that. Be proud you're my hot chick!" LOL! I loved being awakened by their crowing in the early mornings and smelling all the good things that nature had to offer us. This brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing. Be blessed.