Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sky Reading (Short Story Slam Week 13)

I read you, you read me, but, do we have mutual understanding?

I try to understand you as real, reasonable, and considerate being, never meant to shed clouds on your part of the sky, because focusing on disagreement is not what life is about, unless we live under the same roof…

I seek common ground, and I believe that I do it for all, including you, of course, nothing more and nothing less, I do the same to folks who come under my domain and show support. Nobody takes my kindness as evil or desperate act, they shine back and offer me embrace, encouragement, and tolerance. Which is the reason I continue doing what I love to do, and I continue enjoying what I enjoy from those people who are innocent, positive, and easy going.

I have a simple heart, I love life, and I am passionate about writing, sharing, and inspiring among minds that are alike. I have a good life, I have everything I need in reality

I love to write. I write to experiment fantasy, I write to explore my potential, I write to improve my comprehension of creativity and the beauty of it. I write to discover myself, to share and learn from my fellow friends. I write to communicate, I believe we all do for the similar reasons. Living a solid life, writing to fulfill our inner hunger for self-discovery and self-fulfillment,  life can not be better.

Thanks to God, I am grateful for being alive and for living in a country that places citizen’s freedom of speech in the first Amendment.

So, if you don’t take me as normal and positive existence, stay far away from my place. I won’t bother you with any comments or hints of how you shall go about your life, None of my business.

I respect you, so please respect me and leave me alone.

Working too hard to define your target the way you wish him/her to or the way you believe you do, a wrong move. You are no different from me, as a matter of fact, we are doing the same thing, everyone is smart, nobody will get fooled easily, they know how to make choices and identify who is who. I am imperfect, neither do you, I tried hard to stay happy, so do you, I worked hard trying to improve things, so do you.

I had mistakes in the past, I am grateful when you forgive me and offer me another chance, I know that the lack of real communication leads to many misconceptions. Well, I just feel wronged when you take everyone else 100% positively, but take one single soul so differently…you are supposed to be fair and treat everyone the same, it is  sad for you to spend too much time highlighting something in your own imagination, if that is true on me, then that is true on you as well…

I have my own mind, I have values, and I have intelligence. Thus, please respect me for who I am! You want to know more about me, are you sure?

Bigotry won’t buy you any happiness. Stop attacking, stop assuming, and stop imaging your opponent as a victim or a prey under your control. Let the past go, move on.

I am going to enjoy being myself and move on.

The sky is cloudy today, but the sun will shine soon.


  1. That is quite a story. I hope all is well in your world, mine is cloudy today, but the sun will shine soon.

  2. Very interesting writing. I enjoyed your take on today's prompt it felt kind of personal but at the same time a declaration of who you are in the world.

  3. Tell it like it is, Morning! Nice one!

  4. Nice take on the topic...I am still thinking :-) will do my best.
    Keep up the good work

  5. have expressed what is in your heart so well. i sense a little hurt and anger. i hope all is well with you....

  6. Quite an outpouring. Good to see you ended on an optimistic note.

  7. I have learned that we cannot please everyone. There is a pretty good saying, 'Don't let the negative, rent space in your head.' The sun is shining, indeed. : )

  8. :( the sky isn't that cloudy.

    this is kind of sad.

    my entry

  9. I'm confused. Are you angry with anyone specifically, or just in general?