Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm A Tree Grounded On The Floor

Growing naked by the end of Fall,
I’m a tree grounded on the floor,
Fancy thoughts spring
with autumn rain on my chin,
I dream of flying
while birds have gone hiding,
I sneeze
when snowflakes descend beneath,
My body shakes
If someone scratch my legs with rakes,
I’m slowly aging
and my confidence is fading,
Just as I’m about to quit,
A girl with blue hair starts to change my fate,
She doesn’t mind that I’m bare,
I cannot talk, but she does not care.
She hops on me,
and starts to do things to make me happy.
I feel handsome
with my blue angel in my arm,
She reads to me day and night,
In her words I travel worldwide,
My eyes begin to glow
as passions in between grow,
I have become a magical tree
Even since she has come to stay.


  1. "I have become a magical tree
    Even since she has come to stay"

    i like this line..the magic of love.

    have a happy weekend! God bless you!

  2. The lament of a soul deprived of choice can be most disheartening. You have brought it out very well with a tree subject to vagaries of the weather!


  3. "fancy thoughts spring with autumn rain on my chin" I like this magical tree!

  4. That's delightful. Morning. I like the way the child brings happiness and meaning to the tree.

  5. This is delightful. Some wonderful lines joined up to create a really special poem

  6. This is sweet... I like the the way you've written it from the tree's point of view.

  7. lovely verses...enjoyed reading your post..Enjoyed every line of it..Thanks for share...

  8. I love this poem. Smoothly moving from line to line. I truly enjoyed reading it.

  9. I like this poem especially the last two lines. Truly, when someone appreciates us even if we think we have nothing more to offer, to say we're happy is an understatement.

    A well done narrative poem :)

  10. Wonderfully done, I felt the seasons, as well as the emotions, thanks!

  11. this is very sweet. I like it.

  12. Love transforms.aint it. :)

  13. cute! I think I need to find me a tree that I can make magical just by sitting on its limbs :-)

  14. Hello.
    Love does indeed possess some magic.
    Lovely poem.

    Thanks for sharing.

    A Weeping Rose

  15. 'She reads to me day and night,
    In her words I travel worldwide'

    For some reason this line just struck me. Beautiful personification..!!

  16. Such a lovely poem. Paints lovely pictures