Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Abby Baltimore: Thanks 4 Your Friendship

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The crisis has just passed,
Uh oh, here it comes,
Coffee date gift cards in the mail,
It reads on the envelope:
From Abby,
To You,
Happy New Year,
Glad to be read by you
and make sure to share,
I give it a long time stare,
Consider this friend
From nowhere, 
or somewhere,
Determined to be someone special 
and rare,
Sorry that I did not reply on time,
Thanks for making my life rhyme,
I’ve sent my gratitude back,
Plus a distant kiss on your cheek,
Hope that you have a lovely day,
you truly make me happy.


  1. oh, my,

    what a blessing.

    Abby is special.

  2. Good luck through all this. K.

  3. Hello my dear friend ! Thank you for stopping by! Happy and gorgeous new week to you. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil. Please come back soon!

  4. I like it. Good use of the prompt!

  5. Nice write. Friendship can endure a late recognition.

  6. awww! what a sweet and lovely piece!
    Happy G. day!!!

  7. Well done. I love how you used the prompt. Will definitely be back to visit again. Blessings!

  8. OH my goodness, you make me smile!!
    Forget the distance, the space and mile.
    It takes hours, minutes or days to see,
    Passing time to touch, to reach.

    But a thought!
    Just a moment, and it's shared so wide.
    Others we'll never see,
    Now share the love 'tween you and me.

    The Velveteen Rabbit once was told,
    Reality can't be bought or sold.
    Neither can friendship, it takes belief,
    I believe in you and me.

    So here's my kiss, on your precious cheek,
    And I'll squeeze your hand.
    This tiny peak,
    Into your soul.

    Thank you for opening your heart.
    Like a flower, your fragrant grace
    Escaped the hours.
    Of space,
    Of distance, of mile.
    New, old, REAL friend,
    You make me smile.