Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Verses on Summer

Do a summersault
with no fault
on a somerset.
Pass summer nights
with tales about pirates
and stories about fairies.
Toss a dime,
make things rhyme
4 summer time.
Bake me a pie,
Stay by my side,
Fly my favorite kite.
I cannot wait
for summer heat
to quit.
The day is hot,
The attitude is cool,
Let's have a feast of haiku.
Dream summer dreams,
Beam summer beams,
Swim summer swims,
Breathe summer air,
Reduce summer despair,
Play summer games fair.
Walk summer walks,
Talk summer talks,
Paint summer on your sidewalks.


  1. cool thoughts indeed.

  2. Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed myself reading out loud especially the last three stanza. I could see this becoming a song - with the last three stanzas as chorus.
    A summer song, perhaps? :)

  3. Love the last line--lots of memories all summed up nicely. :)

  4. Like this verse. I love the last sentences. Thank you for sharing.