Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Spring In My City

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It’s spring in my city,
The view in the park is pretty,
Restless kittens desert a ball of wool,
Run outside to do something cool,
One's eye is caught by lovely butterfly,
Another naps peacefully nearby;
Both of them breathe freshest air
while making their beautiful share
about the relaxing atmosphere,
Rainbow winks in the sky,
Trees smile with a silent sigh,
After they finish their spring walk,
They will go home and talk,
I offer them  fat free milk,
Plus new rugs soft like silk,
As we cuddle in a rocking chair,
Life becomes blissful and fair.


Thursday Poets Rally Week 61 (January 25-Feb 3, 2012)

Thanks to Gem Poet Ava, for nominating me the perfect poet award week 61, smiles, here, I humbly accept and wish to nominate    Adura Ojo   for week 62 perfect poet award, Happy Rally, everyone!

Feel free to link to Poets Rally Week 61 with a poem of your choice today, best regards.


  1. What a charming poem...has an air of content about it too.

  2. Lovely! Really lovely! I want to join in! :] xx

  3. You painted a lovely picture of spring with your words. We don't have spring here in my country, but I got that "oh-it's-a-new-day-full-of-hope-and-life" from your poem. Nicely done :)

  4. Nice view of spring..I can't wait to see it ~

  5. You describe it very clearlyJanuary 29, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    You describe it very clearly.
    Pleased to know it.

  6. A little kitten playfully caught in early spring. A peaceful day it becomes! Great verse!


  7. aww, this is such a cute poem... I love kittens.. Always brings a smile on my face when I read poems related to feline :) ... great work and thanks for visiting my blog.


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  10. It almost dances doesn't it?

  11. this work puts a smile on my face. what a charming poem. :)

  12. That was sooo cute and enchanting! :)

  13. I feel life blossoming and flowering in the air. Lively, emotive piece!