Sunday, January 22, 2012

Poetry Picnic Week 23: The New York Times Headlines

New York Times Headline: Bracing for a Bitter Fight, G.O.P. Moves On to Florida

This is all about politics,
which could be so much fun
If you are lucky
and have your career path well done,
G. O. P. wins
After a bitter fight,
They must be growing wings
and ready for higher level flight,
Oh, time changes,
Opinions switches,
So they are targeting on Florida,
A most critical
and fundamental
state for the candidate,
Hopefully, he is going to make it fantastic
and become a promising figure
that is effective and validate,
I love watching political debate,
I enjoy listening to voices
that are powerful and great,
How  divine
2 enter a novel season of spring,
With opportunities and hope
In the making,
I trust brave men and women,
Who have been working long and hard,
and dedicated to make life perfect
and interestingly absurd.

The New York Times
has been one of my most respected media source
in years,
I used to write to them weekly,
of course,
Since they always have listening ears,
With them being a friendly neighbor,
Life is full of cheers.
Glad to visit The New York Times again today,
I wish them a profound January,
Keep up the excellence,
Your reports and social discussions are Treasure to us.


  1. Complete with the eye of horus. The republicans would love this. smiles...

  2. i love this verse, and i will send you mine to ponder. I love the humor that is politics.

  3. lol! that picture at the end, Taylor, oh-la-la!! Great poem too :) you stuck to the prompt as well! guess you'd better have, huh? ha-ha. hugs, Terri

  4. I'm a fan of the NYTimes as well. Not so much the GOP, but I love your entry this week. : )

  5. Enjoyed reading! I'm not so much into politics, because it tees me off to see so much mudslinging, but this was really good. Blessings!

  6. Politics is in the eye of the beholder. I liked seeing it through your words. Well done!!!

  7. I like this poem, and I agree. There's nothing like a good old fashioned political farce isn't there? Until you realize that these clowns actually have the power to affect our lives for the worse, and then it becomes a little depressing.

  8. We need more political poems. Seriously. I think a candidate that only spoke in verse would be a revelation!

  9. I never read the New York Times or any other paper anymore. Just one day we stopped delivery and that was that.

    I like your poetry and I really enjoy politics so it was a very balanced poem for me. You are right about this being the strangest GOP election and I guess we will have to wait for the outcome.

    Thank you ever so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday Balance post. Truly an enjoyable experience. Will be interesting what you do with next weeks prompt.

    God bless.

  10. This post gets my Hey! Hey! this week! A fun, bantering entry. Different indeed!

    Ironically, we were just discussing over our evening meal, how David Cameron was making a pure and utter balls-up of running Britain......I hope not, but I Predict (another!) A Riot!!

  11. politics are sometimes confusing-well written well observed