Friday, January 20, 2012

Reflections, Gratitude, and Future (Personal Note from Taylor Boomer 2 U)

Greetings, Fellow Poets, Bloggers, including individuals who read and support this blog:

How are you?

Recent weeks, many things happened in blogging land, some are cool, some are worrisome,
Me, as a blogger, starting with zero, and become the owner of 2 or 3 online communities within two years, has been feeling restless, confused, and helpless at the moment, but today, everything seems becoming more clear and I can see the whole picture now, I  am here to speak to you in person, please do listen and adjust your attitude and become happy, worrying free, and productive…

When I begin to blog, my initiatives are Positive Energy, Creativity, and Encouragement…I had been sticking to these disciplines for a whole year long, until something bad happened to me, I was accused of stalking on a male blogger, and was attacked by him in his personal blog 2 or 3 times directly, although the situation was tough, because of my perfectly fine tuned blogging rules, I still had hundreds of supporters supporting my first poetry community, and I moved on without him for an entire year, 100% clear from him, never created any links to link his poetry site, rarely read him, only checked out basic facts once a week, I was happy and Jingle Poetry Community was very successful and beautiful.

Keep in mind, I am not here to discredit my strong supporter, the blogging king of the world, he had been supporting me when I first started blogging, without any discriminations against my identity, I forever value him for what he had done when I was new, curious, and uncertain about things…I did not, never wrote a formal complain about him even after he was gone, working with a lovely blogger who also had been a strong supporter to me before they took off…so I stayed independent, felt good about my success, and was thrilled to see my former supporters achieve what they could achieve.

Later, when something bad happened to Jingle Poetry community, which meant, an official intended to take charge of the community as her own without my permission, things got touchy, it had been chaotic for 4 to 6 weeks before I figured out a way to survive, I changed the way officials post, and removed that particular blogger, who had been a host to poetry potluck for 40 weeks in a row, from my official list…

You may wonder, why do you wish to continue being the boss? She had been supporting for such a long time, got superb talent, she might deserve a chance to be the head of JP?

Well, exactly, if I allow her to replace me, at the time, she was 100% negative about me, and had sent emails to supporters making claims, so, if she won, then she would continue her negativity against me, which would be unfair since I had never done anything bad to her previously, I supported her to enable her to be successful along the way every single week, …I was the one who created the community, mapped out the details, recruited officials, her taking over the community would turn the entire place upside down, I knew that she plotted to change the community  blog name, and well…the community would not remain as JP, which meant that JP would disappear and I ended up a failure.

My thought is: if you are capable of running a community, start one with your own design, recruit your own officials, and be generous and I will support you that way without hesitation, trying to turning my community into yours, highlighting me as a loser, and bully me ..This won’t work.

I love my creation, I am proud of myself for being creative,  and I support and value all poets who come to my place…respect me, and honor me if you could, if you disagree, go to places that have more appealing features, you can do it, right? Making assumptions and attacking me or others is not what I approve, I felt very sad that recently, I, myself somewhat fell of track, I shall never directly criticize anyone, I shall voice my opinions in more gentle way so that understanding in between is obtained.

I am grateful to see that The Gooseberry Garden has been a continued success despite hidden issues among participants, no more official issue, so, consider our weekly poetry picnic as a party, you shall feel honored to be invited via email,  be smart, join the party if you can, no stress, and feel happy to read your peers and make some poetic friends, I always include all active poets in our community, not to making you feel left out, never meant to force you, no punishment if you could not attend, the number is about 1, 350 poets, amazing community and support.

I felt blessed that my former supporters have come back to me, in renewed energy and interests, they are everywhere supporting in many ways, please be aware: everything you do positively to my community is recorded and remembered, your talent is our treasure, your presence is our pleasure.

At last, I wish to say: I am a blogger who enjoys creativity and supportive community, I don’t  dishonor you if you decide to stay out of my landscape, I don’t attack you if you have developed a love affair with another blogger, I don’t get upset if my supporting rate is relatively low, I don’t belittle you if you are new hand in blogging or poetry writing,  I don’t go mad if you did not, or never return favor to my comments, I don’t report, envy, and fear you if you started running a community of your own….I respect, cherish, and enjoy individuality and freedom of speech, and I love it when you come to me, please give me my space, my freedom, my authority, and my reasons to be ME, and to be HAPPY.

I love my family, I value my partner as the highest intelligence, I support him regardless his conditions, my offspring love me, they are well disciplined and feel safe under my wings.

Bless all of you.

Thanks for reading, supporting, and understanding….

Respectively yours,
Taylor Boomer

 Happy Friday, Love You, Always!

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  1. beautiful statement, you rock.

  2. When I get myself into a "pickle" of the relationship kind, I am always reminded of these wise words:
    Ask - Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said right now? Does it need to be said by me? If the answer is yes, always begin with the prayer, "Please God, treat me tomorrow the way I treat others today." and finally, Let Go and Let God.

    War and Peace begin within our hearts; it is up to each one of us to choose the world we wish to live in.

    God bless, and I wish you peace.

  3. I like the honesty side and its a pleasure to be apart of your community.

  4. Very open, honest and I love your picture!! I also have enjoyed very much my association with Jingle Poetry. You rock!! smiles, Terri

  5. Good luck. K. (And your picture is beautiful.)

  6. You are beautiful as are your words. I have been grateful to be able to share work on Jingle Poetry and Gooseberry Garden. I wish you the best.

  7. Sorry for your problems. I've been floating on the sea of ignorance and I hope you find peace.