Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Got To Think of You As Members of My Family: A Special Tribe To My Special Son and To My Younger Brother

To My Special Son Pandi:

“Where is my panda hat?”
Your 14 year old brother asked
while I was driving him to school
this morning,
His remarks reminded me of someone,
You, you are someone I begin to think,
I smiled big
When I began to recall Tom’s passion
with you, even before you were born,
He grew up being very fond of stuffed animals,
Panda is his favorite,
He had drawn panda pictures,
He had written The Panda Adventure stories,
He had created Thepandamaster101 video series,
Me and Pandi”:  He had his picture and you
shown on His Face Book page,  
with honest and authentic information,
Two of you had more than 500 fans there,
Someone had knitted two panda hats for him,
I saw him wearing it to school
and at concerts all the time,
Who did that for you and for him,
I had no clue,
These made me feel kind of guilty and blue,
A teen of 14 dressed up as a panda publicly,
Oh, I felt sorry for not knowing the reason,
I never mentioned you to him,
But he had you in him,
Super fondly,
He wanted to be a panda,
He wished to carry out your innocent spirits,
He loved, expected, and welcomed you
ever since he was born,
Without knowing why,
But I shall know why now,
These events made me very happy
and glad to share your brother with you,
my precious Pandi.

To My Younger Brother Shawn:

Oh, today is your wedding day,
Here, I wish to pray,
and tell you what I wish to say,
Sorry for being unable to be there,
I am sure
you have perfect number of tables of guests 
to add to your cheer,
As your older sister,
I do care about you,
Feeling so thrilled to hear
that your dreams have come true,
Please help me hug our parents,
Please say hello to all
who still mention my name at all,
Happy Lunar New Year,
Happy Wedding Day,
You are thought of today, my dear,
Stay cheerful, and enjoy your bride.
She has been an angel to you,
She has been tolerating you
and loving you
for many years,
which is moving
and cool,
Again, I fell happy for you,
and bless both of you,
Please stay united
and enjoy your marriage,
Let me know
when you have a baby
in a carriage,
I know you may not read this,
But writing the poem gives me bliss.
I have someone special with me here,
On behalf of both,
I won’t reveal anything to share,
I am blessed,
Please carry no burden on me.
Sending you distanced greetings,
Once again, 
Cherish your life’s blessings.

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  1. These are both so heartfelt.
    I so enjoyed you sharing these.

  2. I love panda's. They're in a bear class of their own! Such a beautiful tribute to your lad. I hope he does get the chance to read this!

    My youngest (18) has no qualms about showing affection, fun and such like things in public and absolutely nothing fazes him!

  3. love pandas,

    what adorable sentiments and images.

    Happy Day.

  4. These were both so wonderful and full of feeling and made me just want to pour more love on my family than I already do. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed.

  5. The panda tale is a sweet tale. Nice to blend in the links as well.


    Mark Butkus

  6. Beautiful, moving - the pair of them. The first really reminded me of my teddy bear that I've always had (he chills on the shelf in my Uni room now). Great imagery and such a heartfelt feel to them.
    The Lonely Recluse.