Saturday, September 3, 2011

Free Write Friday

Free Write Friday:

A Letter to My Online Friends, With Love:


How are you today?

Although we have never met, yet, we write and post, visit and give each other words of encouragements if not on daily then on weekly basis.

You may not know me that well besides my posts, but, I am really not that bad, I am kind, loving, enjoy life. Writing has been my favorite passion during recent 2 years, glad to “meet: you on line.

I love walking around neighborhood and see nature in the morning ray.

Today, when I do my morning walk, I have met 5 folks, who are either running or walking, they look energetic and beautiful, most of all, each and every one of them said “Good Morning” to me,  one actually asked about my kids, an old lady told me a joke, they all enjoy life the way you and I do, how beautiful to greet each day with smiles giving and receiving in reality, while words of kindness or encouragements offered in blogging world.

I could be busy, yet I do love you, thanks for your visits to my blog.

Keep being the sunshine to me and to our shared friends.

Bless you, today, tomorrow, and forever!

Your friend, sincerely.




  1. Happy to have u back this week! :) Beautiful letter, thanks for contributing! I'm tweeting this :)

  2. Well put! I feel the same way about the "strangers" I meet every morning on my walk. So glad to "know" you!

  3. hey, morning!
    thanks for your visit! :)
    keep up with our passion, cause it's a beautiful one!

  4. Hello friend.
    Thank yu for stopping by my little blog home. Love to go for morning walks myself.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Good to meet you.

  6. Nice meeting you :)
    I hope you do pass by when you get a chance as well

  7. nice and tq for your greeting.. here's my entry:

  8. Such a wonderful letter and I am so happy to read this

  9. Well spake! ;)

    I, too, have many blog friends...we call each other The Sisterhood.......

    It's a comfort knowing there are like minded spirits out there who 'get us!

    Have a lovel and creative day!
    Keep writing!


  10. Great letter! I'm sorry I missed it on Kellie's blog. Excellent writing!

    My entry to picnic:

    (My letter: )

  11. Glad to meet your acquaintance, Morning! Top O' The Mornin' to You! Thank-you for your comment on my poem; it made my day! :)

  12. Good to meet you Morning! Thank you for this very thoughtful letter :) And for dropping by my poetry blog.


  13. Kind words, well-written. (I almost wrote "well-spoken.")

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