Sunday, December 4, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 16: I Say It, I Was There!

I say it, I was there,
Regardless what spring rain has taken,
I was there, with you,
We have walked in the pouring rain,
Watching the raindrops’ shatter
On the umbrella we’re holding,
Tears fall
As a mother duck gathers her ducklings to a shelter
to escape the flood downpour,
I say it, I was there,
To feel your pain,
I say it, I was there,
To get rid of emotional stain,
Your hands warm
like sunshine on my face,
Your breath intense
like ocean waves,
I say it, I was there,
Love flows between two of us
like fresh air in open space,
Your fingers intertwine mine,
With you beside me, I feel divine.
Time often betrays us,
So much has slipped through our fragile hands,
Can’t let go,
Innocence lost,
But not our words,
You have my word,
I say it, I was there.


I am given The Perfect Poet Award for poets rally week 57, Thanks for the honor, Ava, at

The Poetry Palace, Here I am taking it and wish to nominate  Steven Federle for week 58, 

best regards.

Happy Writing,
Happy Reading!


  1. Nice imagery - your hands warm like sunshine on my face your breath intense like ocean waves - absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the award.

  2. Betrayal of 'time'. "...So much has slipped through our fragile hands..."

    Can't let go....Ah! Such is life.

    Nice. thank you.

  3. Beautiful imagery..I can see and feel the emotion...Congratulations on your award!

  4. Vivid in imagery. Amazing work!
    "Tears fall
    As a mother duck gathers her ducklings to a shelter"; captivating!

    Erick Flores

  5. Oh this touched me, immensely with emotion, the repetition drummed it in further

  6. Togetherness is such a wonderful thing and you have expressed it so well. To be there through thick and thin, through the events in life is such an important thing.

    Thank you for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday, this was a great event story.

    God bless.

  7. I say it, I was here;
    To witness this beautiful poem. :)

    Congrats on the award too. lovely poem.

  8. hey this is really beautiful
    magical imagery and soothing to read
    feels so good and refreshing to read these which are not heavy on vocabulary,yet so refreshing!rarely I find such poems...and
    congrats for well deserved award.

  9. Awesome write, Morning. Flows so well and a wonderful message. Very nice!

  10. I love rainy days and this delightful poem.

  11. ah this is beautiful...i felt like i was there..smiles

    my fav lines..Your hands warm
    like sunshine on my face... ahhh - can feel this..

  12. Your hands warm like sunshine on my face--lovely lovely writing!

  13. Awww rather sad, it speaks of love past tense not present, but then, lucky to have shared such love too.

  14. I do like little ducklings very much!

  15. love your poem,
    my dear poetess,

    keep it up.

  16. Wow, very nice, Morning!!! I'm so glad that I stopped by to read it. Peace, love and blessings, Terri

  17. Very nice job Morning, very nice job indeed :-)

  18. This was touching, a moment on a rainy day. Good work

  19. Excellent verses ..Could feel the intense care and warmth in them..Simply superb!! Thanks for share friend..

  20. well deserved award, smiles.

    get ready to join poets rally week 58 tomorrow.

    Happy Holidays.