Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Future Is Promising!

When you are at the age of nine,
your wishes of staying online
and playing a role of vampire
crash like a game of life one can never decline;
If you happen to be two years old younger,
you definitely would refuse to lag behind,
since citizens of earth shall occupy infinite wonder,
with limited states of weightless trouble in mind.
Imaginations race in rapid speed,
You can fly in light years if you need.
As the year of 2012 looms near,
Pulsations of emotions start to appear,
Wearing or not wearing glasses,
I know none of you have to attend classes,
when spacious room of dreams is released,
every creative soul feels so very pleased;
Purple looks more beautiful
when it associates with Blue,
Spasms of joy falls tumbling down
when the enigma of love remains hopeful,
and this freedom of dream to fly belongs to you,
Believe that you are capable of anything or everything,
let your talent soaring high, while believing:
your future is promising,
your presence is award-winning.



  1. So lovely a poem...! Thanks Morning, for the gift..:)

  2. i hope that you had a great holiday morning...

  3. So much color and greatness:)