Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Crow's Confession

Morning has been running bare feet
as she races cross the wild meadow,
Chasing the wind that has gone South,
I sit in the silvery sunset sky,
All soot and dark,
Hoarfrost rallying between my toes,
Knowing that I have not lost you
Because I never really have had you,
It’s here NOW
and there THEN,
Like a lost child,
You can’t tell exactly what you’re doing
all these times,
Do you have to seek happiness
at other folks’ suffering?
Love is love,
If one loves you,
One shall love you without conditions,
How could you,
losing your consistence
and yield to a selfish lover’s ugly request.
I know I could not change you,
But you are hurting others
By so called love,
Stop your contradicted tears,
And so I’m sitting here,
Perched with anger, sorrow, and sadness
on your subjective actions,
Expecting you to reconsider your plans,
Never mind,
I can take it,
and won’t respect more nonsense misperceptions
or self-centered assumptions 
from your other lovers.


  1. I really am not understanding this poem. The crow starts out going South, and then really berates another crow? It sounds like a rejected lover just attacking.

  2. "Hoarfrost rallying between my toes,
    Knowing that I have not lost you"

    Quite fond of this. The theme gets me too.

  3. After reading I felt compelled to sadness upon realizing that one has hurt the other; a terrible thing often times lover's may do. I may be wrong, but this was what I read into the composition.

    Very well written and I can clearly identify with the pain of knowing a love has not been true. Your work is beautiful and has wonderful imagery. Stay Creative Morning!