Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Broken Neck

Finally, frosty-headed, he fell asleep,
Not moved but murmuring something in his dream,
It’s midnight,
She stayed awake,
Decided to feed their cat downstairs,
Pitching down the dark stairway,
She tipped,
Falling through the empty space,
Landing on her face,
Touching the cold, clay floor,
With forceful pain whirling in her head,
She lays dead awake,
Still, could sense the miserable moments
standing near her with a smirk on face,
Her head above the stars,
An empty blur below,
Her limbs were angels in a haunted dream,
Cell phone beside her,
A remote within her reach,
She lays there,
Firmly believe that,
It’s the cat’s purring engine
and yellowish tail
that have settled at her neck.


  1. oh, whoosh, i surely hope it doesn't go like this. well done.

  2. Hello.
    WoW! Say it isn't so!
    This is a scary thought...falling down the stairs & laying paralyzed at the bottom.
    Awesome imagery & well-penned!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Our Candlelight Of Love

  3. Wow, intense! Well written. Things like these really happen. We sometimes go through accidents as a result of something that can wait.

    Erick Flores

  4. Oh, this was painful to read!! I fell down twelve stairs once, ended up breaking ribs, a scapular fracture, breaking tail bone, and a finger; was in orthopedic intensive care a while, then eventually had a lot of PT and OT at home. At least I didn't break my neck or crack my head, which I could have done. This poem put me back in that zone...yikes.

  5. I don't think she fell. I think he pushed her and is now pushing on her neck to make sure his intent is complete. I just wonder why he would do that.