Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Centus: Surprise! I'm Pregnant!

Saturday Centus: 100 words, plus 3,  or fewer.. My Entry (101 words)


At the age of 50, she remains healthy!

Two kids have grown and gone.

She has 2 books published by traditional company.

Life is blossoming after they bought a new house, where they have a pond, and an orchard of apples in their backyard.

A magical library at home makes life easy: With the push of a button, one can read anything...

This summer they spent 10 days in Las Vegas, where they made love every night and …

“Surprise! I’m Pregnant!"


Her husband’s words cut, sharp and painful…

They couldn't reach an agreement.

What’s your opinion?


  1. Potentially complicated. It was all going so well until Las Vegas too; that's a very different kind of gambling...

  2. Great job !

    That the first thing I thought of but couldn't work it into my continuing story. I agree with Porky's comment...too risky !!!

  3. Crumbs! What a situation. Life was all sorted but now...!

    You may be interested in taking part in this too

  4. You make your bed now lie in it! It is what it is. Life goes on.~Ames

  5. It's a whole new adventure!


  6. What a conundrum! I honestly don't know what I would do. I loved having babies, but at her age, there is just so much danger. Her life could be a new adventure, as Sue said, or it could be devastated.

  7. Is this true? I had a baby at 38 and was considered high risk. My son is almost two now and I barely have the energy to keep up with him I could not imagine having a baby at 50

  8. Some couples actually do this on purpose...I can't imagine!

  9. This is such a tough situation, but there would never be a doubt in my mind about what to do.


  10. Oh, someone should have stuck with reading books with the light on at night~!!!!

  11. I guess what happens in Las Vegas doesn't always stay in Las Vegas!!! This is a tricky one but I believe the right thing to do would be to honor the life created. I am actually "limited" pro-choice...and believe in choosing life whenever possible. Choices come with great responsibility and I see no reason to choose otherwise in this situation. Now, at 50, there may be medical reasons....that is a whole other essay!

    Great way to spark a debate...

    Gems xxx

  12. Kick the husband to the curb. Like he wasn't part of the equation. dope.

  13. my opinion???? ... babies are a joy.

  14. My opinion ... the same as Marit's above ... but that's not the case for everyone ...

  15. Making Love is making love. I have a friend who became a Mom again at 50 after the last birth 20 years before. Her beautiful daughter has graduated college...

  16. Maybe, quite possibly stranger things have just never know sometimes!

  17. That is the age where you are supposed to hand grandbabies back to your children and wave good bye, not have to raise them.

  18. Monkey Man:


    keep in mind, this is a fiction, it is not me.

    I am 40, not 50.

  19. A dilemma for sure. They have to reach an agreement that they can both live with.

    Thanks for visiting me and taking the time to comment, nice to meet you. :)

  20. Great use of the prompt. Pregnant at 50? Healthy?

    A child is conceived and will grow. Providing the mother and child are healthy, the news would be great. For those who might think poor child to have parents so much older, we must remember the child would not have existed without the love of two people. Celebrate life.

  21. Consult your hearts. Babies are meant to be born.

  22. Each is right in their own way...unfortunately no middle ground here...but I liked the way you put it across...

  23. The idea of getting pregnant at 50 is so staggering, I could not think beyond that! Ugh. Not for me, thank-you. LOL hugs,pat

  24. I love the idea of a new chapter after all that she's accomplished!

    She can always become a cougar if her husband doesn't agree with her decision to have a baby!

    Thanks for sharing this little gem of a story.

    It felt very vivid and very real.

  25. What a conundrum! Talk about a fertile Myrtle! LOL! Great job!

  26. With ultrasound and an electronic microscope you can check for genetic defects such as Down's Syndrome. Giving birth at 50 is made as easy and painless with a planned C-section using a spinal block.

    But the likelihood of getting pregnant spontaneously at 50 without the help of fertility-drugs etc, is small. It is possible, but very unusual. If you are just the average woman, you need to do a lot of careful planning to get pregnant at 50.

    But if you succeed, and the child is healthy, I would say yes, do it!

    Why is it that men can become fathers in their sixties or older, but if a woman wants to have a child at forty or forty-five she is considered very daring and fool-hearty? It's because a woman's role in the family is still so important.

    Fictional stories about unusual births tend to make it sound so easy and simple. Women who choose to give birth late in life don't do it to have extra children; they do it to not remain completely childless. For different reasons they just did not get around to having children until it was or almost was too late.

    The best and easiest time of life for women to have children is still when they are young. But with modern techniques it can be possible to have children later - but it is not as easy and hardly as romantic as this text makes it seem.

    Best wishes,

    Anna's SC wk 69 'Surprise, I'm pregnant - Part One'
    Anna's SC wk 69 'Surprise, I'm pregnant - Part Two'

  27. This is a wonderful situation. Baby at 50, health wise, is threatening but then your case shows she's healthy.

    If the Husband doesn't want it, then she has to check if she can raise the baby all alone (in case the Husband chooses not to revert on his stance) but I doubt the Husband will ignore his seed when it comes to life. Although you never know.

    Things like this should be discussed between couples...especially when so much sex and love making is involved.

    Good to see it's just a blog situation and not a real life one.


  28. Very soap opera.

    I don't have an answer.