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A Tweet Topic (quotation): Top 8 Reasons Why Meditation and Visualization Are Keys To Success

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Top 8 Reasons Why are meditation and visualization keys to success?

In this day and age, more and more people are seeking help, concerning depression and/or mental anxiety, despite having advanced greatly in the science of medicine in the past few decades.

Why do you think this is so? Are we working too hard, over-exhausting ourselves, taking more and more action and responsibilities than you can actually handle… and eventually allowing yourself to become easily stressed out or ill?

Have you heard from people, especially from the professionals and top athletes that meditation is the key to their success? Even history has recorded that the most successful of individuals (such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Kylie Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow) have had some kind of meditation or visualization exercises to help them achieve their goals.

Just five minutes before starting your day, and five minutes before you go to bed, meditation and visualization can help you greatly with the issue at hand.

And with these Top 8 Reasons why meditation and visualization are keys to success , it is no wonder why these people are the successful kind!
  • Meditation improves your health.
There is no doubt about this. The Medical College of Georgia has reported that meditation lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as chronic pain. A small study done with psoriasis lesions patients in 1998 shows that meditation can speed up the body’s natural healing process.
  •  Meditation allows better sleep and dreams.
Many people who meditate say that with just less than half an hour of meditation per day results in deeper and more relaxing sleep, even when they sleep lesser hours.
  •  Meditation helps relieve your stress.
Because meditation helps you relax, it helps you become more calm and able to handle situations easily. You also increase your self-awareness, allowing you to identify the negative things in your life and include more positive or productive approaches so that you also address the underlying causes of stress.
  •  Meditation gives you mental clarity.
Meditation has been linked to increase in concentration, awareness and attention to detail, as well as maintaining focus for longer periods of time. A study done at the University of Wisconsin showed that neural resources were used more efficiently in subjects who practiced meditation.
  •  Meditation boosts your creativity.
Forms of meditation involving visualization can be very useful in increasing creativity, since it provides ready-made mental images for the mind to work with. In Taiwan, a study was conducted to determine the effects of meditation on creativity, attention, IQ and anxiety.

The greatest improvement occurred in their creativity and prosperity in general.
  • Meditation helps you to manifest your desires especially the “ahh meditation” technique used by ancient Indian cultures. ( JAPA meditation)
  • Meditation helps you boost your intuition and enables you to access your higher self easily when you need the  take the right decisions.
  • Visualization is a well known tool that help you focus on what you want, changes your state in seconds and  has all the same advantages as meditation.
So, are you ready to improve your life with meditation and visualization? Speak to me (for 30 minutes, free!) and learn how to benefit from meditation!

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Prince Gautama who had become Buddha saw one of his followers meditating under a tree at the edge of the Ganges river. Upon inquiring why he was meditating, his follower stated he was attempting to become so enlightened he could cross the river unaided. Buddha gave him a few pennies and said: “Why don’t you seek passage with that boatman. It is much easier.”
Mind you – The first thing to mind is your mind. The last thing to mind is your mind.