Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The wind kisses his face,
As tree branches snap
Back and forth,
Adding spring cheers to his place.
He smiles horribly-
A bird lifts off a flagpole,
It’s embarrassing to see
The redness on his cheeks.
His mind is the field of stars
In the universe, he bites his lips,
Thinking about her face,
and how she’s shared with him her magical grace.
It hurts to see light
In her insightful eyes,
Despite the awful barks
Of a dog, a grimace.
You can believe in God now-
God whispers in his ears,
The cello strings vibrate,
Singing a heartfelt note.
Sugar-sweet scents spread salt,
But only on the space she touches,
Only if it’s truth
Showering fragrant rain on the couples.


  1. I stood high above the windy mind field of stars and showered fragrant rain on the couples that you so beautifully describe, thank you for your spark of lightning.