Wednesday, March 28, 2012

YMCA Sports: The Essential Alternate to City Sports

The Soccer ball Coach is very sweet, she gifted each participant a bracelet with a tiny soccer ball braided in the middle...Hope that everyone carries such charming and soulful spirits in kids' sports.....

YMCA provides lots of indoor and outdoor
activities for both kids and adults,
indoor swimming pool is something special
in winter when Stillwater Public pool is closed.
Tom enjoys indoor soccer games as well as
indoor basketball games, swimming, in summer,
Tom participates Stillwater Parks and Recreation
baseball games, with Sheng playing Cello at OSU.

Timothy Passmore, Tim Passmore, father and Son volunteer to support City summer Baseball Games at Stillwater, Oklahoma for years...

Sheng (First on Left) enjoys OSU String Music Camp in June...

Tom Wu at Beijing Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium, Summer, 2009

Tom Wu visited Taiwan in Summer, 2009, with Dad Jiahong Wu

Friends of Tom celebrated Tom's birthday with gifts of toys, cash, and gift cards..2009

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