Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Spring Break!

Spring break it next week,
Teachers and students are taking a break,
What adventures are you going to seek?
Do you go fishing and boating in the lake?
I don’t know why,
I prefer NOT to fly.
I enjoy driving to places,
I love seeing spring blossoms’ pretty faces.
With a whole week to spend
To get refreshed in the end,
I would love to relax some more
and enjoy doing things I have never done before.
Spring break is here,
What are you going to do, my dear?
Please plan ahead,
Have some family fun instead!


Happy 92nd Birthday to Amy‘s Grandma!

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Wishing YOU all a Very Merry Weekend! Take Good Care!!!
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  1. Happy Spring Break to All!

    Thanks for supporting.

    will be back soon.

  2. No break for me but well wishes to those of you who do!!


  3. This was so awesome and light. Just like spring itself! Great writing :)

  4. i love the rhymes and rhythm of the lines...your spring break seems to be an enjoyable time of the year out there...we have no spring here in the Philippines.

  5. This poem is as fresh as the spring you write of.


    Mark Butkus

  6. Hello.
    No Spring Break for me, but hope you have a lovely time whatever you are doing. Thanks for sharing.

    Her Perfumed Scent

  7. Happy Spring and a Happy Poetry there :) Enjoy the beauty of mother nature