Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 14 (Fiction)

Sitting in her favorite bath tub, with hot and bubbling water kissing her delicate, soft, and beautiful skins, Amy feels relaxed, and excited too.

The little yellow rubber duck seems knowing all of her secrets tonight, because it sits there, turning its back on her, and falls quiet!

Gently, Amy washes herself, hair first, with the most famous brand of shampoo and conditioner, then, she does her body: face, neck, legs, feet, including toes and back, it seems like if she did not give herself a complete bath, her life would fail.

That is a dreadful thought.       

As her fingers go through her breasts, especially the area around the nibbles, her face turns red:

One week ago, at the International Convention Center, Max Russell, A CEO from Australia, keeps his eyes fixed on her half shown breasts when they dance, his right hand has brushed against there unintentionally, when music stops, and he turns his body away. And that touch has sent her thoughts flying.

Yet, Amy is a woman with tastes, she would not make her move despite what she thinks.

They meet every day, handling a business deal in between, along with several businessmen from both parties. Max is of the most handsome guy among them. He has been very attentive to Amy these days, but, she has declined his offering to movies or drinking at bars.

Tomorrow, Max has to go back to his own country, and Amy, a widow of a war hero, who has been very lonely, yet very elegant looking and child free, decides to meet him tonight, for dinner at a private and fancy hotel.

Max has sent one thousand red roses at her door step this morning, fifteen minutes before she drives to work, and along with a card, is a love poem on it, handwritten and signed by Max.

Actually, Amy does not know much about Max, despite that fact that he is a business CEO and must be rich, and he has given a super fair bonus to the business where Amy is in. And he has a very beautiful attitude.

Amy starts to wonder about him only after three days ago, when they dance again as part of their business duties, Max has invited her to to dance with him FIVE songs in a row, while Amy takes a break, Max simply sits next to her, being quiet. When Amy exits the ballroom to breathe some fresh air, Max has followed her outside, and he has squeezed her left hand, while she begins to shiver in the cold autumn wind, yet, Amy has insisted going home by herself.

The bath water has turned warm!

 Amy comes back from her train of thinking. She hand massages herself, from head to toe, once more, in a quick pace, and finally stands up, showing her clean and perfectly shaped flesh to the empty space, she shivers a little as she wraps herself with a pink towel.

Staring at the mirror, she sees herself beautiful, but, some shameful thoughts quickly climb on her cheeks and she almost wants to scream: what’s this all about? 

The doorbell rings as soon as she puts on her dating dress, and has her light makeup on.

 It’s hard to imagine what’s going to happen, but, Max is waiting, and she is ready!


Alphabe-Thursday's Letter B : B is for be ready when romance hits,


  1. No part two.

    it is simply a story for the image prompt.

  2. What a great "B" post! I'm looking forward to your next one. Now I'm going to take a bath! Hahaha!!

  3. I'm going to use my imagination to finish the story. Good "B" post!

  4. I think everyone should "B" ready when romance hits.

  5. I bet I can guess what will happen next. :)

    Great use of three words. Please read my attempt.

  6. :) hot. and i am not thinking about the water now :)).
    one small typo - you say at some point that she is a "window of a war hero" - i assume it was a "widow" actually :).
    very well done!

  7. It sounds like they will have a great first date!

  8. Excellent portrait, waiting for a romance, and if possible, be prepared.

  9. Excellent portrait, waiting for a romance, and if possible, be prepared.

  10. Very romantic. Yes, we started off in the same vein but then my went off in another direction...

  11. Love the post – such an air of romance!

    And thanks too for stopping by.

  12. I love taking a bath, but mine is not nearly as sensual. lol! Scrub dub and be done is more like it.

  13. Wow, what a lady! May I have her phone number please!!

  14. What a great post. (I love it.

  15. Okay evryone it's bath time! A great old tubby party!

  16. Your imagination runs wild as a good writer's should. Nice piece.

  17. You are a romantic! And you have the ability to carry us along with your story.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my Rock4Today blog.

  18. A romantic response to the prompt. It's been a long time since I felt the thrill of anticipating a first date, but can remember it like yesterday.

  19. romance...I am sure there is more :) My imagination does run with

  20. Be ready when romance hits ... I love it! =>

  21. Well done! Enjoyed it very much. : )

  22. I hope you are going to continue with the story... you can't leave us readers wondering about the outcome of their date...

  23. What lovely descriptive and evocative writing.

    The way you cast imagery with the density of your words is really amazing.

    Thanks for a beautiful post for the letter B.


  24. Va va Va voom .... she is one sexy lady. Wow ... I am going to read it again.
    Very nice ..

  25. Oooooo, so many things left unsaid... :-)