Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Les-Son In Je-ne-fer An-D In The Lor-D

The G-Odd in Lor-D wishes mie for happiness:
To drive without s-pe-ed-ing,
An-d not sh-er-ik mar-ch,
To ch-ew his sco-pe of pe-nu-ts and gra-pe wi-ne,
and not behave as the bitch.
The G-Odd (Qi Gui De Sheng) ho-ped, in darkness,
To mi-ew and remember the Jinger Bread (Sheng Jiang Mian Bao),
and sa-w that how I thought like a pe-wit while mi-xing
and coo-pe-rating without burning my fi-ng-er-s.
"Jesus (Yesu), i love you, u only...",
his words id-en-ti-fy the goat-will
in min-d, whi-ch is why it is har-d 4 mie
to detach, desert, or betray the Lor-D.

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  1. hope that you love the word play.

    i have fun with it.

  2. excellent,

    this wordplay rocks.

  3. Tay-Lor, Your Hu-Mor Rocks.

    outstanding wisdom.

  4. the perfect pitch for the ball game.

    keep it up.

  5. I thought the pauses and Capitalization changes were interesting. The structure was fun. Nice work.

  6. lovely wordplay...

    your talent inspires.

  7. we get lost when we spend too much time doing calculations.

    but we do need to make a point to tell what we think of the manner.