Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm born Being "Da" ...Tomatoes Are Da'Da'De'Hao

Being the oldest child in the family,
My parents call me their Da'Nu'Er,
My siblings call me Da'Jie,
To Me, being "Da" means more responsibility
and better opportunity to higher education.
Tomatoes are the very best or "da’da’de’hao"!
DA in English means Big, at times "The First",
I'm the first woman married to my hubby,
Thus I am the "Da" wife or the first lady,
To Me, being "Da" spouse implies
advantages in a marriage without
worrying about his ex-, ...’Da’ shows respect when used as surname…
"Da" is common in English words,
"Dada" is Chinese implies baba, or father,
Panda, Calendar, Day, Florida, Dallas, Idaho, Honda,
Mazada, Nevada, Wanda Group, ...
all contain "Da", be aware that
"ta" at times are also called "Da",
say, Minnesota, Italy, Atlanta, these have "ta" sounded as "Da"...

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  1. well informed and masterful delivery.


  2. duck, dark, arc, mark...shows that

    Duc, Dar are called "Da" as well,

    University is Da'Xue, all colleges and universities connect to 'Da" or Big.



    I nominated you for week 72 the perfect poet award.


  4. well stated point of view.

    a perfect way for others to get to know you and how you think of yourself or the world.
    that's how communications such as this work the magic.

    keep your talent shining.

  5. I know yang da ye referring to

    sheep, goat, or lamb da ye,

    fun word play.

  6. tomatoes have their seasons,
    we must obey the rule of nature at times.

    best regards.

  7. this is winsome.

    mutton and lamb chops are dadadehao too,

    dulcimer, willow, sunshade, the sun, and red yumberry are also superb.

    oxygen, shapes, chicken farms, western culture, poplar, ocean, positive attitude, and blue sheep, moles are handsome and cool too.

  8. I'm not much on word play...I usually don't get it until four days later, when I'm eating breakfast, then I'll say, "Oh, that's what she meant!" Duh!
    I did enjoy reading this and as usual it was quite informative. Now I think I'll go downstairs and eat another tomato. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week! :-)