Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It comes after October
and before December.
November's air is cold,
November's turkey crispy and golden,
November's age is 11 month old,
November's garden frosty and forgotten.
November is the time
Echoes of wind make haunting sound,
November is the time
Brown leaves hit the ground.
November is the time
first snowfall gives its blow,
November is the time
Bare boughs rub to and fro.
What I like about November
is the smell of hot tea,
The warmth of thankful notes between you and me,
And the enthusiasm floating in the air cheerfully.

This is an entry for Ladymue's Month of the Year Challenge: November.
Happy Writing..


  1. Nicely versed about the month November Ji...

    --Someone is Special--

  2. Charming! I hadn't thought that November is only 11 months old..very nice.