Thursday, December 30, 2010


May 22 is my first child's birthday,
May reminds me of that special day;
In a land far far away,
In a hospital near a bay:
Women give births,
A moment in life revolving life and death.
Many women got to do C-Section,
Oh, my, their pain was hard to ease even with their family's protection.
I was lucky to give a natural birth
to an eight pound boy, what a bless.
We, six young women stayed in a large room,
with six babies in six little beds next to us, boom.
The nurses took very good care of us all,
They bathes our babies daily, loved them all.
I saw people coming and going,
Hubbies visiting and laughing.
I heard two women crying,
because they couldn't breast-feeding.
One woman got super upset,
Because her hubby did not show up to see the baby she get.
I lived in the hospital 4 three days,
I learned about life in many ways.
May is special to my family,
May is magical to my child and me.
May is the month to celebrate,
May is also the time to graduate.
May turns trees green,
May shows roses with dripping sheen.


My Entry 4 Month of the Year Challenge at Page from The Mind:Month of the Year Challenge (May)

Alphabe-Thursday , M is 4 May


  1. May is a great month in which to celebrate a birthday!

  2. Lovely M post.

    My best friend and business partner is going into the hospital tomorrow to have her baby and I'm kind of nervous and excited at the same time!

    I hope she does ok....

  3. Nice Mothers day tribute as well !

  4. I love the month of May! Happy New Year :-)

  5. Absolutely lovely! What a wonderful time to be born! Thank you for sharing this wonderful May experience.

  6. May is a very special month for mothers. Great post! La

  7. I became a grandma but in November, lol !

  8. There are lots of 'Ms' in this post - well done!

  9. What a cute poem about May and the time you spent in the hospital after your child's birth. I can almost picture myself being there and witnessing all the joy around me :) Great poem!

  10. What fun! I was born in May myself, and so was one of my children.


  11. No greater gift for mothers day than a new baby!

  12. What a neat link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    I'm an April baby so it's almost true for me.

    I really enjoyed your poetry here today.

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


  13. A nice poem for the month of May.