Thursday, May 5, 2016

the mixed emotion from Panama city friends and relatives, Hope O'Dell, William Knonwith, Matt Tracey, Joe Biden, and Husinen Obama

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Do Peace, Not War...Start Today, You, She, He, They, We, and I (Write, Think, Drive, Inspire, and Say Many Thanks to You All) (May 4th, 2016-June 5, 2018) Year Five NO5)

3W Week No. 478  Unselfish, Winding, Amoral

 Unselfish means open mind and out going,
 Winding path leads us to new york sightseeing,
how about a dish ordered at Qdoba or Chipotle?

Drinking a bottle of coca Cola,
get calm with Minute orange juice,
signs of love means a glance toward Quebec, Canada

Leftwich, Rightsmith, Gordon, Wentz, Moyes, White,
my pulse, my Jing Mai, my blood stream, my Dong Mai

Vernon, Clarksville, Slay, Dell, Azulay, and Louissint,
waves roll layer by layer via Phyliss Dell, Bruce Rauner, Seth Marler, Barbara Rudh

DEborah Quinn may wonder,
why sheila Simon, Francis Slay, Elizabeth Tisdahl, and Rahm Emanuel relax,
and why Jim Piper, Toby Fisher, michael Dellanfelo, Gail Peterson, and Gali Azulay win 

and drink Coca Cola   
 Image result for word peace at new york city
street colour... 
 Image result for word peace at new york city


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