Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Memory Art, Sunday's Whirligig, The Sunday whirl, World Peace Tour Year 5....

Black & White Wednesday ~ Fenway Magic 

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 Image result for woodstock ball hockey
Whirligig 58 

  photo 73cdc233-8d11-40f0-9f92-54dc6cc9e3cd_zpsr2b6d26g.jpg
Charlie Brown,
the major creation from Charles Schulz
which is cute, funny, and full of yellowish peanuts

Woodstock city, Royal Town,
Frank Wood, Katie Leon, and Rae Winches meet William Brown
the cell and the eggs join the moment of light, fire, and grace

force comes in by wood, water, gold, fire, soil, or roses,
rain forests think of marvelous sound and shadowy blinds,
green bean sprouts stretch their teeth from beneath the wetlands
words of boundless skin offsend,
falling day makes my mood silken,
Fenway magic near Foxwoods and quail Spring mall throws a ball at a lost audience

Jingle Poetry at Olive Garden does peace,
War is opposite party that crushes and clutches by seat belts
yearning lawn, Arlys Quinn, Ann Lincoln, and Adam Biden restless at Dawn

Six Flags, Lego Land, Disney World,
today I write and tomorrow I drive to see Christina Mulvanes

Wordle 249 

Do Peace, Not War...Start Today, You, She, He, They, We, and I (Write, Think, Drive, Inspire, and Say Many Thanks to You All) (May 4th, 2016-June 5, 2018) Year Five NO5)