Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sunday Whirlgig Writing prompt, short stroy slam week 38, dreams

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the air is fresh,
the spirit of yahoo is lovely
think of Jerry Yang, Marissa Mayor, Zach Bogue,
we are hopeful for math, science, and technology advancement
we shift our eyes on Hanover city, New Hampshire today,
let us parade, celebrate the civil movement change due to Martin Luther King Jr.
Black history month is American holiday,
while Asia has Chinese new year dinners near Han river
I Augusts that people all shall smile,
positive energy produces warm emotions, Happy Valentine to all!
I call out Maggie Hassan, August Holweg, Stephan Weil, and Stefan Schostok,
I recommend Tina, Abbey, Chris, Emily, Jill, Willa, Nathan, and Gina to your stock
Nicholas Zeppos may wonder,
Nicholas Dirks may doubt
but our greeting extends to waiting friends going out for a college,
pleasant porches, fir tree smells spring of 2016 sheen
urban grace,
Google language is witty from misfortune Sophia, Skylar, and Jordan
touch a budding leaf,
accept Neel Rao, Chris Raun, Rylan Carney, Tom Wu, and Richard Huang....

Whirligig 46


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