Thursday, February 4, 2016

short story slam week 38, ruby tuesday for kayaks, and signs for key solutions

 Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe,
Japanese cartoon makes high tech colorful
dreams beyond rainbow sky
the stormy night is seriously scary to sheila why
when it comes to cruising in Pearls River,
we think of Kayaks, Canons, Yacht, and boats
when clouds gather
rain pour like crazy, we do mend our feather
a key is a solution to a lock,
a key in my computer key board is a letter jumping into my blog
everyone has wild dreams, dreams come true 
when your good behavior is rewarded without taboo
 despite the emerging waves and unexpected fraction,
we stay strong, sail forward with confirming satisfaction
 the moon flashes to dance her music
the night sky veils us a blanket for folks who opt to be civic 
 words are too weak to reinforce change,
action can not be enough to produce first edition of creative expression 
communication is fruitful 
when things are clear and people remain hopeful
kayaks for hire... 

locked out? there's help 

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