Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Prompts: Sunday Whirl, Poetry Pantry, and short story slam week 32


Wordle 223 

pine tree with teepee head, all green,
bon fire replaced by November sun,
October poets weeping, blue names,
Mary, Rosemary, Dsnake1 searching, word stone

screaming at the bridge of spies,
the last witch hunter blames none
write out vessel, body shape chocolate
sharp pencils sketch bleeding hearts

golden leaves sway,
red brick houses stay,
silver yaris toyota parks near,
the painter gives the saint wings to cheer.

never mind those hesitating party goers,
because this is the season of moon cakes,
and it is time to hang Cao lake on Finland,
and sow the seed of squash at Princess Kate's garden


Poetry Pantry #275

  short story slam week 32: how about stories or experiences unexpected?


  1. If autumn can be like this, it's perfect..

  2. Yes, we move from October to November...ready or not! Time rolls on.....seasons change...soon it will be winter...time to go inside.

  3. hey, how come my nick is in your poem? :D
    good attempt with the prompt. that was great fun.

  4. This is wild, Catie. I like the line,
    "silver yaris toyota parks near"
    Because the car is a mechanical man made machine and isn't a part of nature like the other items here.
    Like I used to say after riding a horse to high school for two years, my next horse will drink gasoline instead of water. Now I have two ponies, Ford Mustangs, that drink gasoline.
    Glad to see you doing Six Word Saturday. I am on sabbatical until most of my boxes are empty after our recent move.

  5. Quite the Hatter's tea party - we love ;)

  6. lovely imagination with lovely lines:))

  7. lovely imagination with lovely lines:))